Friends disagree on significant others

By Nicoletta Sabella
February 15, 2007

I know that many of you dislike the person that your best friend is dating. And you find yourself faced with the dilemma of whether you should let them know or not.

Well, if you are thinking that it may change their mind you should think again.

Should you really have to pretend that you enjoy their company when in reality you cannot stand the sight of that person?

You only hang out with them because it’s the only way to see your friend. I’m not saying that I have any suggestions to fix this kind of problem, but I’d just like to address it.

Well, in my case, it is hard to understand why some people don’t take their friend’s advice. My best friend has been on and off dating this one guy for about four years now. My other friends and I think that her getting back together with him was probably her biggest mistake. But she refuses to ditch the dude.

Every time that I witness my friend talking in person or even on the phone with her boyfriend, they are yelling at each other for hours. She finds that he is overly controlling and treats her like a child. She is not allowed to hang out with boys because they are a threat to him.

Well buddy, I would assume so if you keep being a bad boyfriend!

It’s not just me who thinks this way either. Anybody who has met this kid thinks he is a total tool. He’s never friendly, he’s always shady and he always starts fights.

Another one of my friends insists that we have an intervention with her in order for her to get rid of him. For some reason though, I don’t think she’ll take our advice.

Since the very first time of me having knowledge of her sewn-back-together relationship with him, I was trying to convince her to not to do it. She didn’t want to hear it.

He is basically just making her life harder, and this transposes to our lives in the process.

There have been countless times when she has been so upset with him that she cancels her plans to go and “resolve” things with him. He’s pretty psycho too.

Last year, when we were thankful enough that he wasn’t dating her, he would stalk her, but not purposely or anything. Everywhere she went, he would be there and try and ask her questions.

I’m sorry, but that has restraining order written all over it.

So I guess here’s my real question: when should friends stop listening to their best friends just to be with a guy or girl?

Do some people just think that their friends are clueless? I’d hope that my best friend would value my opinion to some extent.

People have problems with relationships all over the world and at all times throughout history. It’s on TV constantly. Just turn to the Montel Williams show and see marriages fall apart.

I just hope that my friend’s situation doesn’t turn into one of those.

Please listen to your friends some times! They know you better than you might know yourself.

Love is blind, so get guidance from your bud.

Nicoletta Sabella

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