Freshmen overnight policy robs students of college freedom

By Arielle Friscia
August 27, 2009

Well freshmen, finally you’re on your own. No parents, no supervision, all the freedom you can have because you’re in college.

Hate to break your hearts but freedom at college is not what you thought it would be there are still regulations and supervision.

At the start of the 08-09 school year, Cabrini College decided to follow their saying, “Do something extraordinary” and changed the visitation and overnight policy on our campus.

If you were a sophomore or an upperclassmen, you had the freedom to have people stay over night, male or female. All you had to do was either inform the Resident Assistant or the Public Safety officer that the person you were signing would be staying over and that person could stay for the entire night, no penality included. That person could be a student on campus or a friend coming to visit.

The only rule was that if the person staying over was not a Cabrini student then they could not stay any longer then 48 consecutive hours.

Well, that was the life for the upperclassmen but as for freshmen they had to stick by the old visiting policies that were implemented for everyone when I came to Cabrini as a freshman.

Now, when I became a Cavalier and I lived in the infamous hall of Woodcrest, which was then an all girls dorm, we could have girls stay overnight but when the guys came over they had to leave by midnight and on the weekends they had to be out by two A.M.

Trust me, public safety made sure that the boys were out by then banging on your door and telling you that they would write you up if they didn’t leave in the next five minutes.

Even if you wanted someone of the same sex to stay over you had to get permission and fill out a form to get the Area Coordinator to approve it. Sounds like a huge headache right?

It doesn’t have to be that way. I see it as we are all in college; we are all living away from home. We left home to get away and to live life on our own. But, having such stringent visiting policies for freshmen does not help them feel the freedom that they have longed for.

I also understand that our school has to be safe, that we can’t have people who will put our students in danger and that we need to have security, however our freshmen need to enjoy the freedom of college.

I mean maybe I’m being a little liberal, but I don’t think that freshmen should be regulated on the co-ed sleepovers. They are 18 years old; in America they are considered adults.

Let the freshmen make their own choices on their own.

Even if they make a mistake, no one is perfect and people will learn from the mistakes that they make. I came to college to grow as a person and as a freshman I felt like I had a babysitter at the bottom of the stairs.

College is about finding out who we are in the four years that we live here on-or-off campus. By the friends we make, the activities that we decide to pursue on campus and the choices that we decide to make on our own.

Good or bad we learn and we grow but let the freshmen grow and make their own choices.

Arielle Friscia

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