Freshman’s dedication and drive impress Lady Cavaliers

By Jessica Chesko
October 27, 2006

One of the newest members of Cabrini’s women’s soccer team is freshman Lauren Colosi, whose dedication is sure to drive her forward on the soccer field.

Colosi, born in Philadelphia on August 7, 1988 and currently residing in Sewell NJ, has been playing soccer since she was five.

“My dad coached,” Colosi said.”I just tried out when I was little and I loved it. I’ve been playing ever since.”

Colosi continued to play throughout her school career. She attended Camden Catholic high school where she played center-midfielder all four years.

Some of her high school accomplishments include making captain in her senior year and starting all four years. “Just making the team here in general as well,” Colosi said was an accomplishment.

She came to Cabrini mainly for the elementary education program. She hopes to teach children between kindergarten and third grade. The other thing that led her to Cabrini was, of course, soccer.

“I met the coach and he was really nice and the girls were really nice and the team’s awesome,” Colosi said.

The coach of the women’s soccer team, Ken Prothero, has been head coach of the team since the summer of 2002.

“He’s always there for us,” Colosi said. “If we ever have a problem and need to talk to him, he’s always there to talk to us.”

Colosi said that the girls on the team get along very well together. “We’re like a family. We all get along,” Colosi said.

“The team gets along really well,” said Collette Walsh, sophomore forward- midfielder. “The new freshmen work together really well with the team”.

“I absolutely love Lauren Colosi,” said Lea Conti, junior goalkeeper. “She’s one of the sweetest and most up beat girls on the team.

Her work ethic is unbelievable and even though she doesn’t start when she gets out on the field, she hustles her ass off and always makes things happen. It’s because of girls like her that the chemistry on the team is so amazing”.

Conti continued, “Everyone gets along and everyone on that team has each others back. I basically have 21 sisters and I love it”.

“Games so far have gone real well,” she said. “We’ve all put in a lot of effort”. The team is about 15 games, including pre-season scrimmages, into the season.

Colosi explained that their hardest game was against Eastern University. That was Cabrini’s first loss.

When asked who her role model of soccer was she laughed and said, “David Beckham because he’s amazing”.

Besides soccer, Colosi enjoys playing lacrosse and running track.

“I’m playing lacrosse for Cabrini, I’m not sure if I’m gonna do track or not”.

She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

When she graduates, Colosi hopes to become a teacher and either coach or continue to play soccer. She explained that she would most like to coach pewee soccer.

The women’s soccer team is currently second in the PAC. The team this season is flourishing with very few losses. In Colosi’s words, “They’re absolutely incredible”.

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Jessica Chesko

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