Freshman car rules: as good as gone

By Ray Croce
October 3, 2002

Steph Mangold

“No freshmen parking” that is what we were told at orientation and when we were first accepted here, yet after a month of school there are freshmen with cars on campus.

Some are here with cars because they need it due to medical reasons but others have their cars here for no real reason at all. Those freshmen take up the little parking that is on campus to begin with. That leaves many upperclassmen without parking in front of their buildings. They have to park by the new Residence Hall and behind Founders Hall.

The parking problem could be fixed in any number of ways. The first would be to make sure that no freshmen park on campus, they could also number the spots and assign them or they could clear land an make new parking lots by Xavier and the apartments. It’s because there is a problem even with all the solutions and yet the school is not looking into them.

If you say no freshmen parking then you have to be able to enforce that at all times including weekends. The one thing they can’t do is say one freshmen can’t park here and the let a quarter of the freshman class park on campus. Freshmen have their cars up here because they have a job, I can understand that every one has to be able to get to work. What I don’t understand is that when I told them I have a job in the city thirty minutes away they told me to take the shuttle and then the train yet someone that works less then I do ten minutes down the road is able to have their car on campus. Now why is it that a freshman that works thirty minutes away would have to use money to take the train yet another freshman that works at the mall is able to have a car on campus.

How many times have you gotten into the parking lot only to find that the closes parking spot was in Founders Hall and you live in one of the houses? Its because freshmen are parking in the lot by The New Residence Hall. I understand that the school has given the freshmen visitors passes which allows them to park down by The Dixon Center but they still park where they aren’t supposed to. Public Safety tickets those people maybe once a month and the parent’s pay for the ticket. They need to be given a ticket every day until they move their car and then they will not park there anymore, opening up a spot for the people who are allowed to park there.

The other parking problem we have is that there just aren’t enough spots for every one that has a car. If they were to number the spots and give them out first come first serve then the people that live in the New Residence Hall through house two could park in the New Residence lot. Then the people that live in house three through the apartments could park along the street and in the apartment lot. They could then number the spots behind Founders and Dixon for freshmen. They could also clear out land behind the apartments and Xavier to make number lots so the freshmen who live on campus can park there and the commuters could still park behind Founders.

There are many ways to make it so that every one can have a car on campus comfortably, but they first have to decide no cars for freshmen, and mean all freshmen, or they have to go about making room for freshmen parking. They can number spots and ticket people every day for parking in the wrong spot. That way every one can park near their rooms. They could clear out land and put in more spots by the apartment s so that the juniors and seniors that live there don’t park by the houses and dorm buildings. If they are going to allow freshmen to park on campus they need to clear out land by the dorms to make parking for freshmen only. There are many ways that the parking problem on campus could be fixed and yet the school turns a blind eye to it and do nothing.

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Ray Croce

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