Freeze time for Mac user extended past patience

By Staff Writer
September 11, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

The ITR department on campus is a valuable source to everyone. Sometimes they can be non resourceful at times, but everyone has their bad days. I understand about the new Worm virus that has been plaguing Windows based computers for the past week. So far the virus has not affected Macintosh computers. I know that since it’s the beginning of the semester, everyone is trying to frantically connect to the Internet. We need something to keep us occupied around here.

There’s always some sort of Internet connection problem. Macintosh users are being left out in the cold though. Instructions were given to students at check in on how to use the Secure Network Setup to get their Internet to work. The instructions that were given out were only for Microsoft Windows. Usually there is another set of instructions for Mac users, but there was none. Not everyone on campus has a PC. The majority of English and communications majors and graphic designers thrive on Macintosh computers to get their work done. After I left messages with the ITR help desk, I decided to stop by their office. They told me that the steps given on the yellow sheet at check in should work. It didn’t work so I had to have my roommate go online and look for Mac instructions. Low and behold there were instructions on there on how to connect to the Internet. We tested them out, but that hasn’t worked either.

It’s not that I just want the Internet to check my e-mail and all, but most of my classes require e-mailing things back and forth. I can’t do this without an Internet connection. The campus network is for both PC and Mac, but why are the PCs getting all the attention? I have been patient, but I just wish that they could find a more effective way for Mac users. It would make me a happier person and a lot of others as well. ITR is usually on top of things, but they seemed to have blanked on the instructions for Mac users this time around.

After trying all sorts of things, I decided that I needed to call them again. I left a few messages but nobody ever got back to me. At one point they scheduled with me a time where they would come to the room to fix my Mac. They never showed up. I understand that there are a lot of other students who had Internet problems too but I waited around for a no show. Then one day when I went to my morning class a fellow Mac user told me what I was supposed to do. I needed to use in order to get on to the network so I could register my computer. What do you know? It actually worked. I’m just wondering why ITR couldn’t just tell me that in the first place when I called on the phone. I understand that ITR is a great resource but they need to organize their ways better. I’m wondering how good it does look when I have to get my roommate to fix my computer because they couldn’t. Mac computers need some tender loving care too! When I finally got on the Internet the phone rang, “Hi, this is ITR, do you still need us to come fix your Internet?”

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Staff Writer

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