Founder’s lab move to library creates mixed reactions

By Gina Peracchia
November 7, 2002

Paul Williams

The computer lab on the first floor of Founder’s Hall has been moved to the basement of Holy Spirit Library, and some questions are finally being answered.

Many students on campus were concerned that the computer lab being moved to the library was inconvenient and unnecessary. While talking to Dr. John McIntyre, director of Information Technology and Resources, he responded to the complaints voiced by many of the students.

“The reason that we moved the computer lab dates back to my first coming here a year and a half ago,” McIntyre said. It was decided for better hours of coverage that the library would be a better location for a general student computer lab. We have taken the first floor room for this term and turned it into a training room for a special administrative project.”

A few people on campus knew of the relocation, but some students claimed to have known nothing about it, although there were signs posted around campus, and general e-mails sent out to faculty and students.

“I didn’t realize they were moving the computer lab to the basement in the library. That doesn’t seem too convenient,” junior Brooke McGinn said. This was the response given by the majority of students who found out about the relocation. McIntyre said that if students have a problem with using the computer lab in the basement library, then there are other areas of Founder’s Hall that have specific rooms with computers.

“I think students were accustomed to [Founder’s Hall], and also it was very convenient for running in and out of classes. But, I think the library is generally a central place, because students are coming up from the residence halls,” McIntyre said.

The computer lab in the library is going to be its permanent spot, and if needed, additional computer labs will be placed there also.

Some people see it as more than an inconvenience to trek over to the library, but students can use rooms 108, 309, 359 and 370 in Founder’s Hall when classes are not in session.

Aside from the group of people who are not happy with the computer lab being moved, there is a significant number who do not care one way or the other where it is because they have their own computers: desktops and laptops.

“I don’t usually use the computer labs, because I have a computer in my room. The location of the computer lab doesn’t affect me at all,” freshman Heather Penny said.

“What we are finding is more and more students coming to school with computers, so the need for the lab is diminishing as time goes on,” McIntyre said. I think what we will find happening within the next few years is that more students will be coming to school with laptops. They will not be dependent on the computers we have here, but computers will always be in a number of classrooms.”

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Gina Peracchia

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