Foul odor invades bath

By Melissa DiPietrantonio
February 21, 2003

Lauren Joseph

Since when does water smell like rotten eggs? Apparently it does since I moved into House 3. Can you imagine trying to brush your teeth with your minty fresh toothpaste and gagging, not because of the toothbrush in the back of your mouth, but because the water smells so bad?

I never had problems with dry skin, but here, I find myself moisturizing several times a day. Others say their skin isn’t as clear when they’re here at school. Maybe it’s stress, but I highly doubt it.

There are times when the water pressure is so low, I can’t even wash my hands. If someone else has the water running, or someone is doing laundry, the pressure goes down, and it’s not even worth it to use it. And believe me, living in a house full of girls, there is almost always laundry being done.

Every morning I dread taking a shower because I feel like I am bathing in a waterfall of sulfur and sewage. I might as well go outside with my soap and shampoo when it rains; I would probably have the same feeling anyway.

If that’s not bad enough, I can’t even take a decent shower here. Every time I turn the water on, the temperature is fine, but as soon as I step in, I practically get third degree burns. So, I try to reach the knob, even though the water is in the process of burning my skin off, and I finally do, and turn it. Now I feel like I am stuck naked in the Arctic Ocean. There is no happy medium in this shower. It’s either scalding or freezing.

So you don’t think there could possibly be anything more I could complain about with regards to the shower, right? Wrong. When, at that very rare, opportune moment the water is actually warm, I get so excited and suddenly the temperature drastically changes again. It’s awful.

I have talked to facilities twice, once last semester and once this semester, but apparently there are more important things. I understand a shattered window is more imperative, but there was nothing like that last semester, so what exactly is the hold up?

All I hope for is that someone reads this and takes care of the problem as soon as all the bigger damages are repaired.

This does not happen in a normal house, so it should not happen here. I know everyone says this, but we pay a lot of money to live here and I think it’s only fair that our water situation is improved, if not perfected. Until then, I will continue taking showers at 4 a.m. when the laundry finally goes in the dryer.

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Melissa DiPietrantonio

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