For the ‘love’ of the game

By Staff Writer
October 23, 2003

At the soccer game I was watching I begin to see the veins popping, indicating a new level of intensity. The foul language slowly begins to increase echoing throughout the area. All these routine symptoms pointed towards violence but thankfully they were able to keep their cool.

You’re asking yourself, “Is he talking about the athletes?” No way. The teams were playing excellent soccer on the field. I’m talking about the lunatic fans that surrounded me. I didn’t express this concern to you while I was at the game, because I fear the possible slashing of my car tires.

In all seriousness, why do normal cool-headed individuals resort to flipping out during sporting events? I know it is the right of every person who attends a sporting game to express his or her feelings, but come on – it’s just a game.

What happened to the days when you could just watch a game for the entertainment value? Fans have become too obsessed with the game. I don’t see how one can become so emotionally involved in the game.

I see some of these parents just wipe out the fun of the game for their child and it is just pathetic. What does this say to the child when the parent is throwing a tantrum over a bad call? Not proper conduct, that’s for sure.

Even in professional sports you see the out-of-control fans become violent towards other fans or even the players themselves. The Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees was the perfect spectacle of violence.

How sad is it that Philadelphia has its own court for out-of-control fans right outside the stadium. Routinely, it can be seen at games the sight of aggressive fans going a little too far.

I find nothing funnier than a fan flipping out over a call or a play. The laughter begins to wear off, though, when that same fan attacks someone. I find it embarrassing to see people fight over something as pointless as a game.

For the future of sports, just enjoy watching the teams play in a competition. If you happen to be a fan that loses their control, here are a few tips to follow: sit back, take a few breaths, and begin practicing meditation. If none of these tips help you, then I suggest you need help.

Posted to the web by Marisa Gallelli

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Staff Writer

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