Foreign healthcare offers cheaper alternative

By Diana Ashjian
September 23, 2005

The costs of healthcare in the United States have consistently risen in the last few years and for many it can be unaffordable. Americans without work-issued health benefits are forced to pay their medical expenses out of their pockets, which can lead to all kinds of difficulties that can include massive debt.

However, there are alternatives for Americans who can’t afford the astronomical prices of healthcare in the United States that I think really can’t be beat.

India, which is an Eastern country that produces 20,000 doctors a year and 30,000 nurses a year, some of whom even trained in America, is said to provide top-quality patient care in their hospitals for prices that seem to cost a fraction of what they do in the United States.

According to The Wall St. Journal a cardiac procedure costs $4,000 at Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd. In Hyderabad, India, while costing $30,000 at any given hospital in the United States.

You do the math.

Not only do I think it makes economic sense to travel abroad for cheaper healthcare that’s noted to be world-class, I also think any chance to see a part of the world that wouldn’t ordinarily be considered as a vacation spot would be a really cool and unique experience.

I recently traveled to the Poland so that I could visit the oldest spa in Europe and saw my life and the whole world in a much broader concept than I ever could have imagined before. Even better, my money quadrupled in value once I arrived, so everything cost dirt-cheap just like it would if I’d have been in India.

Therefore, I can say in confidence that I’d definitely travel to India for healthcare if I ever needed serious treatment of any kind.

Especially since healthcare isn’t limited to those without health benefits, just more ideal. As a matter of fact, according to the Indian American Center for Political Awareness, billing can be made to American insurance companies and hospitals. So aside from traveling very far, it would be completely convenient to seek medical treatment abroad.

Even though there isn’t anything Americans can do to change the prices of healthcare it doesn’t mean we have to accept them. Traveling to India for medical procedures isn’t the most conventional method to taking physical care of your body, but I definitely think it could be broadening and well worth the visit if not only very cost-efficient.

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Diana Ashjian

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