Foods to prevent cancer

By Michelle Costa
December 4, 2008

Health officials lately are making the speculations and connections of how certain foods can prevent and fight cancer. An article from CBS -Baltimore recently discussed the interesting link between spices and the possible prevention from cancer.

The whole idea is to take everyday spices from the kitchen and apply it to the patient.

Tumeric , mostly found in traditional Indian cuisine, is the latest discovery in what could possibly save lives. The ingredient in Tumeric that makes it so effective is called Curcumin.

The Curcumin is an active chemical compound that gives of a yellow color shown in Tumeric.

Before this concept was brought to the states, Tumeric was previously used in both pill and powder form throughout Asian medicine.

Statistics show that the Curcumin in Tumeric has helped to subside tumor growth and various forms of inflammation.

One negative aspect of this medical investigation is the issue of Curcumin not being easily digested nor absorbed by the body. The reason for this is because Curcumin is insoluble, once taken in by the body it sinks, not allowing a proper dosage to be spread amongst the remainder of the body.

For the reasons above, leading doctors have formed a new powder form that involves water base particles that allow absorption to be fully accomplished.

Studies like this are found to be responsible for constant medical advancements and should become known to the general public.

When reading that spices can potential prevent cancer and other medical issues, one my see these findings simply unbelievable and impossible. Students are the voice of the youth and should become aware and taught of the current medical studies being performed.

Medical advancements are happening at a rate that is clearly difficult to stay up to date with, but despite the rapidness it is beyond important to know these facts, because something as simple as a spice could save a life.

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Michelle Costa

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