Food campaign aims to open hearts

By Staff Writer
November 7, 2002

The Annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Cam-paign is storming into Cabrini’s campus with the determination to open everyone’s hearts and educate their minds.

The Wolfington Community Outreach Center is working with Campus Ministry to launch several projects on Cabrini Day, Nov. 7, to get the campus involved in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The money raised from these fundraisers would be used towards the Kick-off Heifer Project, where a cow would be sent overseas to benefit a needy area.

It is the goal of the Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Cam-paign to “educate people about poverty and to motivate people to get involved so fewer people are hungry and living in poverty,” Dr. Mary Laver, coordinator of community outreach and partnerships, said. The individual projects, such as the Campus Fast, Hunger Banquet and Arrest for Hunger, would prompt people to pay more attention to the conditions that people outside our visibility live under.

A popular and unique fundraiser to Cabrini is Arrest for Hunger, which is being organized by first year student Chris Friel. To participate in the Arrest for Hunger, people can issue arrest warrants for their friends or professors.

Those that have been “arrested” would write down the times that they can be “locked up” in the commuter lounge/mailroom lo-bby. When they are “locked up” they can make a call and ask for bail money. There will be three judges that will try the case. “Some people are worth a lot more, like the teachers, so they get to make more phone calls,” Friel said.

“Community service is always on my mind and it is one of my favorite things to do.” Friel said.

The Campus Fast, organized by sophomores Ashlee Lensmyer and Stefanie Ciarrochi, is taking place Tuesday, Nov.19 and Thursday, Nov. 20.

“The symbolism of the Campus Fast is to remember the people who don’t get to eat. You can feel their pain for a day,” Lensmyer said. A person who volunteers to fast will be stepping into the shoes of a person who does not get something that so many take for granted, a necessity like food. Fasters will be allowed to drink liquids on their two-day fast. Lensmyer and Ciarrochi are consulting with Wood Dining Services to provide free drinks to those who participate.

Fasters may ask for sponsors to give an amount of 25 cents for every hour that one fasts. “We would love for faculty and more students to be involved,” Ciarrochi said. “You don’t need to be religious to get involved in this fundraiser or any other one.” The Campus Fast will end with the Hunger Banquet.

All the money that is being raised will be used to buy 70 turkeys and extra furnishings to: give to less fortunate families of the Our Lady of Hope Parish in North Philadelphia, donate food to a soup kitchen in Saint John’s Church in Norristown and the Kick-off Heifer Project.

The Kick-Off Heifer project would use a portion of the money raised from the Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Cam-paign to buy a female cow and send it either to Afghanistan or Swaziland, where the Cabrini Mission Corps have reportedly needed one. The purpose of buying a cow for these places essentially means the survival or death of the community. “The shipment of a cow expands the capacity of the community to support and empower themselves,” Laver said.

The head of the Kick-off Heifer Project, Renee Di Pietro said, “We would send over a pregnant cow to poor families that can’t feed themselves. The cow can present completely new lifestyles. It can help the whole community. The milk can be sold. The cow can reproduce. It can plow the fields that the people couldn’t fertilize well before.” The difference between continued poverty and renewed vigor in the future all goes down to the gift of a cow from Cabrini College.

The Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Campaign strives to open everyone’s eyes through direct service and social change. Direct service is about being involved in soup kitchens and participating in the Campus Fast and Hunger Banquet. Social change is when lives are positively altered and everyone passes on the cycle of kindness.

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Staff Writer

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