Registrar offers online service to students

By Laura Van De Pette
November 12, 2004

Cabrini students will bombard the quiet office of the registrar on Nov. 9, when spring registration begins with seniors. Many will tap their feet impatiently and glare at their watch as they weave through the slow-moving line and then will sigh in frustration when told the class they need is closed. Other students will stroll past the hectic Registrar’s office and breathe a sigh of relief; they have already registered for spring 2005 via Cabrini’s Banner Web system.
Carolyn Steck, a sophomore accounting major, said, “Registering online is organized. There is less paperwork needed, less time wasted and it is easy enough for all grade levels to use.”
The online process is fairly new. It was introduced to a small group of seniors last November and monitored for glitches in the Banner Web system. There were a few complications so the registrar agreed to give freshmen and sophomores the option to register online for fall 2004.
Cabrini’s registrar, Phyllis Bean, said, “A surprising number of freshmen who registered for the fall 2004 semester used Banner Web. Fifty-six percent of freshmen used Banner Web and an impressive 30 percent of sophomores registered online as well. The students have proven to be computer savvy and find it convenient to access the office of the registrar in their dorm rooms.”
Erin Miesegaes, a freshman early childhood education major, said, “I’m confused by the registration process because the spring 2005 course schedule does not match the online schedule. I will register online for the sole reason of avoiding the long lines in the registrar.”
In reference to the conflicting online schedule and hard-copy schedule, Bean said, “The hard-copy of the course schedule that is available in the registrar’s office is outdated the day we get it. Professors are constantly changing class times and the hard-copy is therefore misleading. I recommend students relying on the online course schedule because the site is updated daily.”
Dave Barba, a junior marketing major, said, “I will register online. It is easier because you can use Banner Web to view the availability of classes and their status.”
Registering online provides students a way to avoid hearing, “Sorry, your history class is closed out.” Online registration opens up to each grade level at 7 a.m. on the first day of their grade level. If you are an unfortunate student who is scheduled to register at 3 p.m. on the second day of your grade level then registering online will give you the best chance to grab a seat in your favorite professor’s class.
Bean warns freshmen saying, “Core requirements fill up first. Students need to have several alternate choices prepared. Although some professors are willing to allow students to register after the class is closed, not every professor will. Having alternate classes prepared is essential.”
Jessica Boettger, a sophomore early childhood and elementary education major, said, “I have never registered online and have never had any problems registering in the office. I would prefer to go to the office because I have been experiencing trouble when attempting to access Banner Web, although I am open to registering online.”
The office of the Registrar believes there are not many cons to registering online. If students have a history of WebCT connection problems, the office recommends accessing Banner Web at low volume times like early in the morning or late in the evening.
Paul Archambault, a senior history major, said, “I think registering online is a good idea, but I have had problems with Banner Web in the past so I will go to the office to register. This is also my last semester at Cabrini and I want to be sure any problems are handled right away while I am in the registrar’s office.”
The office of the registrar will continue to welcome students to the its office. Bean said, “If students read through the online directions and still feel uncomfortable then the office will register them. One pro of registering in the office is the candy we give out! Students can’t get candy on Banner Web!”
Megan McCall, a freshmen pre-pharmacy major, said, “I’m trying to prepare alternate classes but it’s frustrating not knowing what will be open when I register. I will register in the office because I am a freshman and I’m not comfortable with Banner Web. I would rather work out any problems that arise with them in person.”
Bean’s assistant, Francis Harkness, said, “Although we welcome students to register in the office, the office has plans to move all class registration to the web in the distant future.” In reference to Harkness’ first registration, she said, “It will be interesting to see if the percentage of students registering online increases even more than the fall semester. I am anxious to see if the online trend continues.”
Barba said, “I’m a junior, I shouldn’t need an advisor’s signature to be able to enroll in classes. I should be free to choose whatever classes I want.”
“Any student who plans to register online as a means to avoid meeting with their adviser should reconsider. After Nov. 19, when registration is finished, the office of the registrar provides lists of all students and their spring classes and all advisers will receive their advisees’ class schedule. If any student was not previously approved by their adviser, the student will be dropped from every class,” Bean said.
Clear and user-friendly directions are available on the third page of the course schedule which is available in the office of the Registrar.
Bean said, “Registering online is the most convenient way to ensure that students will be placed in the classes they want most. If a student can download music and pictures and send an e-mail, they can certainly register on Banner Web for spring 2005.”

Video Crew: Ryan McCarthy, Joe Yochim and Mike Ryan

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Laura Van De Pette

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