Fly Eagles fly

By Laura Van De Pette
February 3, 2005


Despite the sub-zero weather and blizzard-like conditions, 70,000 screaming fans with green and white painted faces, McNabb, Dawkins and Westbrook’s jerseys, posters, and flags prevailed. Goosebumps and chills ran up the spines of true fans and an overwhelming sense of Eagles pride could be felt on Cabrini’s campus on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005.

Twenty-four years ago the Philadelphia Eagles failed to fly victorious over Super Bowl XV. They left 10 points on the Louisiana Superdome’s scoreboard while the Oakland Raiders lit up the board with 27 points. In 2005, it is clear Philadelphia is home to a new Eagles team with a new attitude and the unstoppable drive to win.

As a 20 year-old Philadelphian I have never had the pleasure in seeing the “birds,” or any professional Philadelphian sports-team win a world title. I think our generation deserves the thrill of cheering the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory. The adrenaline that rushed through my body and every other Eagles fan during the NFC Championship cannot be ignored. The Eagles have excited and disappointed their fans as they have lost three consecutive NFC Championship games, but this year they elated their fans with a phenomenal season and an even more impressive post-season, despite the loss of Terrell Owens.

With so many enthusiastic Eagles fans screaming during the Eagles-Falcons game, it is surprising to me that non-Eagles fans could be heard making noise as well. I am well aware that Cabrini draws students from New York, Delaware and other East Coast states but there is no reason to root against and bash the Philadelphia Eagles during arguably their best season in history! Just because the New York Giants (6-10) failed to make an appearance in the NFC Championship and the New York Jets fell short on Jan. 16, there is no reason to criticize the Philadelphia Eagles in front of so many die-hard fans who have waited four years for this victory. It is understandable that students from other areas of the East Coast support different teams but they need to respect the fact that they’re in Pennsylvania now and the Philadelphia Eagles will always be the fans’ favorite regardless of their record because “Philly bleeds green!”

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Laura Van De Pette

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