Flutist jazzes it up in food court for audience

By Kate Pelusi
February 22, 2001

by: Kate Pelusi

assistant copy editor

Ordinarily, the afternoon hustle and bustle of the Widener Center Gathering Area is accompanied by the sporadic sounds of early ’90s rock from the jukebox. However, on Wed. Feb. 21, Keith Marks and his band graced the eatery with their melodious brand of jazz during Cultural Kaleidoscope Week.

Marks, a flutist, was accompanied by Karl Latham on drums and Donald Nicks on bass.

For 26 years, Marks has been involved in music, playing in South America and the Caribbean. Marks just returned from Hawaii. Marks has also appeared at Cornell University, Princeton University, and the Newport Jazz Festival.

The smooth and infectious set played by Marks and his band attracted much attention from the diners and spiced up the usual monotony of the school week.

Sophomore Kat Pirrone commented, “They are very upbeat and lively.”

Kate Pelusi

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