Florida shooting occurs during Madden video game tournament

By Jason Archer
October 8, 2018

The mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, that recently took place at a video gaming tournament, has shaken the United States once again. Unfortunately, we have a history of mass shootings in the United States that has occurred each within a short period of time.

Sheriff Mike Williams of Jacksonville identified the suspect as David Katz, 24, of Baltimore. David Katz was reported to have a number of psychiatric medications including a antipsychotic. Police records show that 26 calls were made to the police from Katz family home in Maryland, for issues ranging from mental illness to domestic disputes.

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Katz’s motive in the shooting still is under investigation, police said. Alexander Madunic, a gamer who was shot during the tragedy, said that the shooter had lost a game earlier in the day and was angry.

The gunshots could be heard on a online stream that was broadcasted on the gaming website, Twitch. The game quickly ended as you can hear people running in terror.

The unfortunate event left 10 injured from gunshots, one from a non-gunshot injury and two dead. All the victims that were injured are expected to survive but will never forget this incident.

“I’m very devastated to even think that someone would decide to do this,” Griffin Shira, sophomore psychologically major at Cabrini, said.

Professional gamer, Shay Kivlen, has been grieving since the tragedy because his best friend, Elijah Clayton, was one of the victims killed during the tournament. In efforts to help the victims by raising money, Kivlen has challenged Tampa Bay Buccaneers star wide-receiver, Mike Evans, to a live-streamed fundraising tournament. The proceeds will benefit the Jacksonville Fallen Gamers Fund, benefiting the families of the victims.

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High School football coach, Rick Debonta, explained, “It is wonderful to see professional athletes, such as Mike Evan, step up to the plate and do something that will unite this country and benefit the victims families.”

“It is very disappointing to see someone act with such small regard for life,” Cabrini student Tommy DeLuca said.

Many NFL players have looked at this shooting as a wake up call to step up their game and play for those that play the game that they are featured in.

“With every action there is a reaction, unfortunately this is a reaction that is going to last for a very long time,” Nick Matty, sophomore criminology major, said.


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Jason Archer

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