Flood shocks residents on move-in day

By Staff Writer
January 29, 2004

Angelina Wagner

The residents of House 2 experienced a flood on the day of their arrival back from winter break on Sunday, Jan.11. A water main pipe burst in one of the maintenance closets on the second floor was the cause of the flooding, which disrupted the moving in of the majority of residents in House 2.

The flood damaged two rooms, two corridors and the main hall. The RAs of House 2, juniors Will Harmon and Michelle Murray, were there through the ordeal explaining to residents who walked in on the situation what the problem was. Facilities, along with an outside specialty company, came to the aid of the Cabrini residents.

Murray said, “It happened at the worst time; 12:30 right when the residents started coming back. We had a few new residents moving in so I felt bad for them.”

The pipe burst resulted with Harmon, who lives on the second floor, having his room flooded with about three inches of water. Another girl living in a single in another hallway had the same problem.

The carpets needed a long time to dry from the result of gallons of water that soaked its floor. Facilities placed more than seven large blowers to dry out the carpets. Corinne Covino, a junior, said, “My things had to be left outside for 45 minutes before I was allowed in. The carpets took a week to dry and gave off that wet rug smell.”

Amy Bongilvani, a sophomore transfer, said, “They did an efficient job cleaning up and the RAs explained the problem to everyone.”

Murray said, “I think facilities did a great job as well as public safety and housekeeping. They responded very quickly.”

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Staff Writer

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