First year student is tennis star

By Staff Writer
November 1, 2001

Justine DiFilippo

Patty Alymer never wanted to play tennis. She started playing in her junior year of high school to get in shape for the basketball season. Now, as a first year elementary education major from Roxborough, Pa., Alymer is ranked second on the women’s tennis team.

Alymer is a natural at tennis, boasting a record of 15-1. She plays both singles and doubles and says that Arcadia University is the hardest team to beat. When asked about rival schools, Alymer responded that Arcadia was “a talented team.they are the most competitive.”

Katie Hecht, a senior player on the women’s tennis team, calls Alymer a “very strong and consistent player.” Hecht adds, “Patty is an asset to the team.”

Tennis is not the only thing at which Alymer excels. She also loves to play basketball. However, according to her, softball is her best sport.

One might not realize just how talented Alymer is by simply speaking to her. Those who have just met her may find her to be overtly shy. Nevertheless, Alymer says she is motivated to “never give up.”

Sitting in the morning light of the food court, Alymer recalls a comeback victory she had earlier this season. She says that this was the biggest obstacle of her tennis career. The set was tied at one a piece, Alymer was losing 5-1. Through sheer grit and determination, Alymer was able to come back and score a 7-5 victory over her opponent. Alymer hopes to someday coach sports and teach. Considering the achievements that she has already had, it is amazing to see that Alymer still has a sense of modesty. Alymer continues her motivation as the team enters the PAC finals. However, on this day in Oct., Alymer is simply concerned about her favorite obsession, the television show “Felicity.”

It is easy to see that the road ahead for Alymer is paved in success. She is easy going and talkative to those who know her. She seems to be aware of where her stature is on the team, while keeping a sound profile on her years ahead here at Cabrini.

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Staff Writer

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