First year goalie leads hockey team

By Laura Van De Pette
February 10, 2005

With the entire team dressed and pumped to tear up the rink, first-year goalie Steve Hughes takes a moment to sit in the silence of the tiny locker room after his teammates have left. These final moments before the game get Hughes ready for the intense pressure he faces every week as Cabrini’s goalie. Hughes wasn’t always defending the goal; he played offense last year for the Cavaliers after team captain Rich De Matteo invited him to check out the team. Although Hughes scored six goals last year and had plenty of assists, he says “Although the pressure is so much greater as a goalie, I definitely like playing this year much better than last.”

Since only 1 percent of all shots on goal get passed the indestructible Hughes, it is no wonder after every game when asked who the MVP of the game is; his teammates unanimously declare “Steve Hughes, number 27.” Although Hughes is arguably one of the best players on the team, you would never hear him say it. The sophomore special education major is quite reserved and contributes much of his success to the team’s unity.

Hughes said, “Over Winter break we didn’t play for four weeks but we got together for a team dinner and the feeling of the whole team together was great. I knew when we got back everyone would show up, ready to play.”

When Hughes isn’t in the classroom or on the rink, he can probably be found working or cleaning his show-car at his home in Wilmington, Del. Although his car is a real head-turner, it only got that way after several long summers working at the Mary Campbell Center with special-needs children. Hughes spoke fondly about his job where he teaches children to swim and to do other various activities. “It’s like being a best friend to child for a couple weeks and the kids never want to leave when it’s over.” Hughes says his ideal job would be teaching in a special needs classroom at John G. Leach School in New Castle, Del. If Hughes can teach as well as he can play goalie then he surely will have no problem landing his dream job!

The roller hockey team is currently in first place in great thanks to Hughes, but he attributes the team’s motivation to coach Nick Voight and team captain Rich De Matteo. “Before every game, Rich writes down our current record, what our record will be if we win, and what our record will be if we lose. It’s a great visual motivator that really works for me.”

With such a modest attitude, a great perspective on his future aspirations, and not to mention a hot car, this will certainly not be the last that Cabrini hears of Steve Hughes. He is sure to continue wowing Cabrini both on and off the rink.

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Laura Van De Pette

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