First impressions are always most important

By Staff Writer
October 2, 2003

Angelina Wagner

Those who sit in class and stare out the window have most likely seen the various tour groups that walk around campus every once in a while. These tour groups are led by students; students who have a prominent position in the Admisson’s office and on campus.

Those students are the student ambassadors of our school. Megan Beauduy is one of the many student ambassadors on campus. She became a student ambassador by being nominated by a staff or faculty member; she then went through an application process and then had an interview. She did not request to be one. When asked if she liked the job, Beauduy said, “yes, I do. It’s a great job. I work with wonderful people in the Admission’s office and even though we do work, we have fun while we do it.”

The job of student ambassador requires a student to do a variety of different things. According to Beauduy, the student ambassadors sit at the desk and answer phones, answer questions about the college, take visitation appointments, and get information to inquire high school students. They give tours to visitors during the week and on some selected Saturdays. They work a phone-a-thon to call high school seniors and see if they are interested in Cabrini, also.

Beauduy said the experience has given her the opportunity to see how the college admission process works and how to have good customer service and speaking skills. Beauduy believes it has taught her a lot about the college and allows her to be very knowledgeable in many situations outside of directly working in the Admissions department.

“I think it allows me to have a greater understanding of the hard work that goes into admitting new students to a college,” Beauduy said. “It also gives me great experience working with a variety of different people from all over the country. The experience is great and hopefully it will stand out as something that says I had pride in my school.”

As a student ambassador, Beauduy said that the one piece of advice she would give to future student ambassadors is, “to just have fun with the job and enjoy the great work environment. Also, make sure to remember all of your crazy tour stories, they are a must to share with the counselors and fellow ambassadors.”

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Staff Writer

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