Finding love at Cabrini

By Melissa Steven
February 10, 2005

Education, friends and bachelor degrees. All things you would expect to get from college. But love? That’s another story. George and Lisbeth came to Cabrini last fall excited to start college, meet new friends and live on their own, what they did not expect was to find each other.

George Walter, a freshman criminal justice major, went outside one night for a cigarette. He thought he had a bug on his shoulder but when he turned around to swat it off he saw Lisbeth Ramos, a freshman social work major.

They started talking and five months later they still see each other almost everyday. “He’s all the qualities that girls want,” Ramos said. “He buys me my favorite ice cream, gives me flowers and takes me out to dinner.”

In their first semester they had psychology together and now they take SEM 100. Walter said that he likes to make her CDs and because of her he stopped smoking cigarettes. One of the more romantic things they enjoy doing together is star gazing at night.

“I can always go to her,” Walter said. “She can make me happy and make me smile. She’s just fun to be with.”

Laura Pepe, sophomore elementary education major, and James Metelenis, senior sociology with criminal justice major, met a year and two months ago at a party. Pepe described how they captured their first kiss on camera. “My friends told me to go up to him and get a picture of us, but then they told me to make it interesting, so we kissed,” she said.

“He’s a genuinely nice person to me and to everyone else,” Pepe said. As she nudges him, she said, “I call him a dork all the time, but I’m only kidding with him.”

Metelenis said that they like to go out and eat, watch movies, go to the park and just hang out together. Although they never have had a class together they can be seen walking each other to class.

They live four hours from each other when they are not in school. Pepe is from Kennett Square, PA and Metelenis is from Long Island. “The long distance isn’t a problem. It’s just that its hard,” he said. “I’ll go and pick her up sometimes to stay with me or I take four days off to go visit her.”

Cristina D’Amelio, sophomore psychology major, was making new friends freshman year when she was introduced to Ryan Conklin, sophomore English and communication major.

D’Amelio said, “He’s just funny. That’s the first thing that stood out in my mind. He can always make me laugh.” Conklin’s best friend introduced him to D’Amelio and they hit if off. D’Amelio already had a boyfriend from high school, but after they broke up, she and Conklin began dating.

They have been together for over a year now. Conklin said how they like to take walks around campus at night and his favorite quality about her is that she takes care of him.

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Melissa Steven

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