Financial expert ‘new guy in the room’ for Board

By Megan Bernatavitz
November 13, 2008

As the “new guy in the room,” Cabrini’s newest Board of Trustees member John Bodnar has a background in financial planning and hopes to help Cabrini in the future.

“It’s now Dr. George’s job, along with the Board of Trustees’ help, to take that next step from being one of the top colleges in the Philadelphia area, to a regional or nationally recognized destination for students seeking an education of the heart,” Bodnar said.

Bodnar has an extensive knowledge in finances and has a lot of ideas for Cabrini. Bodnar’s main area of concentration in the few years is to keep the tuition down, while still giving students what they need and desire when they are at school.

“For me, finances will be one of the areas I would like to concentrate on. How can we improve not only the tangible product [campus improvements, etc.] but also to link theory to practice and help move students toward a life of dignity and purpose,” Bodnar said. “It’s not the new buildings that are important, but what’s happening inside them that will set Cabrini apart from its peers.”

He definitely has the experience. Bodnar attended Hobart College in Geneva, N.Y. He majored in both history and American studies with a minor in political science. After graduating, he decided to sleep on his parents’ sofa for a few weeks until his mother finally told him to get off of the sofa and get a job.

Bodnar started his own company, Bodnar Financial Advisors, in 1988.

There he is president and CEO of his company. He decided to stay as a small company and “cater to middle-income Americans.”

After being nominated by former President Iadarola, he is excited to see what the future holds in the “new George administration.”

He is most excited to be working with George in the coming years. Bodnar, along with most of the community, thinks that she is bringing a lot to Cabrini, including her impressive resume of navigating growth.

Bodnar feels honored to be recognized by Iadarola and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. He wants to let people know that while on the Board of Trustees, he wants to get the entire board to protect and promote the college.

Cabrini has been given the opportunity to have board members that are knowledgeable in almost all fields.

Bodnar is not the only one in his family who is a part of the Cabrini community. His son John is a Cabrini alumnus, class of 2008.

“I am really happy for my dad and he is really excited to be part of the Cabrini community,” Bodnar said.

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Megan Bernatavitz

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