Finals. Are they worth it?

By Kellie Manoppello
December 2, 2012

The week that everyone dreads…finals week! Is it really worth it though? To most people I think that the word “finals” scares them more than the tests itself. In retrospect its just another test, like any other one during the semester. I think finals week is worth it though.

Having a week dedicated to finals gives the students the chances to give 100 percent on their exams. I don’t think that students think it through; there is no homework to distract you from the exams that you should be focusing on. Most teachers have everything due the week before so there is nothing to worry about that week.

There are pros and cons to having a finals week of course. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. The week is designed so that you can’t have more then two finals in one day, so the cramming isn’t too excessive.

Also teachers are usually pretty lenient and are always willing to help you before you have to take your final. Teachers will usually give you a study guide or even tell you the basic idea of what to study for the exam.

Being a library rat, I love that the library is open extra late because I hate having to leave during the semester when I study late. Having a week to study gives you the time to sort out what you need to study and what you don’t. It also gives you the chance to organize everything out, highlight and make note cards.

Although I am on the “pro final” side, I also understand why so many people hate finals. Many people, including myself, aren’t very good at test taking and that’s what most teachers make their finals.

Having to cram for what you have learned the whole semester isn’t easy. It feels like some teachers don’t take into account that we do have other finals to study for and dump, what seems like a whole semester’s workload on us in one week. The stress on that one-week alone can make a student go crazy and it’s not healthy. Each teacher has his or her own way of giving a final. For example one teacher might be giving a test, while another could give a paper or a project as the final.

Finals are hard. They’re no fun and stress everyone out but we have them for a reason. Take a minute and think about it: a whole week to study for the one test in the class. Sure there’s other classes but it’s easier to focus on just that then all the homework and projects with it.  I do believe that it is worth it to have finals week; you get to finish your semester with a big bang.

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Kellie Manoppello

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