Final Four teams arrive in Atlanta

By Staff Writer
March 29, 2007

Orlando Sentinel/MCT

The Final Four are in and Georgetown University, University of California Los Angeles, Ohio State and Florida State are all battling it out for the National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s basketball championship.

The men will use everything they have to win the games this Saturday, March 31 in Atlanta, Ga. to see which team goes to the final game.

According to Yahoo Sports, each team has won at least 30 games and the conference titles for their regular season. The only team that cannot call themselves league tournament champs is UCLA.

There are still two more games to play for the championship and anything can happen.

To get into the Final Four standing for the big win, Florida beat out Oregon, 85-77. If Florida wins, this would be their second consecutive national championship victory following Duke University’s shoes since their double-win in 1992. The player to look out for here would be Joakim Noah who is looking for his second Final Four’s most outstanding player award.

UCLA overcame Kansas 68-55 and took another step up on their way to the top. According to, Aaron Afflalo is one of the key players for the rest of the tournament. He has scored 73 of the 256 points scored for UCLA.

Georgetown went up against North Carolina and proved they had a right to be part of the Final Four winning 96-84. This is the first time Georgetown has stepped onto a court set for the Final Four since 1985.

Finally, Ohio State hit the court and blew out their competition winning 92-76 against Memphis. It has been eight years since Ohio State has played in the Final Four.

After the game on March 31, the two teams that make the final will know who will get the title of champion when the final game is played on April 2.

Staff Writer

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