Field hockey team victorious over Marywood

By Staff Writer
October 18, 2001

Katie Reing

Victory is the appropriate word to describe Cabrini College’s field hockey team’s performance against Marywood University on Tuesday Oct. 9. The team itself, coach Jackie Neary and the fans felt victory as well. The fans were with the team from start to finish. Everyone was involved in the game, everyone was excited. The players were pumped, and in turn so were their fans.

Cabrini’s field hockey team triumphantly defeated Marywood with a score of 2-1. Seniors Carolyn Katkowski and Nicole Schulz scored the two goals. These two players definitely shined this particular game, but the special thing about this game particularly is the fact that every player on the field shined in their own unique way. This was not a game about someone’s own specific performance, it was more about the team as whole their unity and their ability to work together. Sophomore Maureen McQuade shared her views about the team and their teamwork for this specific game,” Our success in this game was due to the fact that we really connected and played as a team.”

This was a game that every fan felt right down in the pit of their stomach. It was no an easy victory for Cabrini, it was a nail biter right until the end. Both teams played outstanding, and kept the fans on the edges of their seats all through the second half of the game. Both teams had opportunities to make additional scores at the end of the game, which both teams failed to do. It was nerve-wrecking for the fans because if Marywood had successfully scored the game would have been tied. But our team stuck it out until the end. The unity of the team was not only noticed by McQuade and other members of the team, but also the fans at the game.

Sophomore Anne Dougherty had this to say “It is nice to see the girls playing not for themselves particularly but for the team itself, this is what makes it fun to come to the games, to see a team work together like this”. This is refreshing to see because that is indeed what is meant by being a part of a team.

The end of the game was the best part. The women were elated with their performance, and congratulated each other so genuinely. They rejoiced together with hugs and encouragement to each other and from their coach.

The team won achieved their goal, to win the game. This team’s victory on the field is wonderful, but the team itself and the friendships made is the real victory. It was deserved that they won this game; they deserved it and worked hard to earn their victory together as a team.

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Staff Writer

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