Fashion trends for college students

By Melissa Mariani
October 30, 2008

As summertime comes to a close, fall becomes a transition period of dressing in layers with summer and winter clothing. It’s not time yet to pack away those tank tops and shorts but beware of fashion faux paus.

American style stays pretty simple with jeans and t-shirts each year, compared to Europe and other countries.

With fall and winter approaching, updating your wardrobe with new trends around campus can complete a student’s look.

This fall, the most wanted and hottest trends are inspired by the ’60s and ’70s.

Glamour magazine fashion section released the bohemian style as the most recent trend arising. How to get the look is keeping it colorful and loose fitted.

Glamour also suggested lots of dark colors, bold prints and free-flowing cuts. Anything with lace, along with a light weight scarf, to add to an outfit.

A few students on campus were asked if they think fashion is reoccurring throughout decades. Some students agreed fashion is cyclical.

“I love the romanticism style that is in this fall. Black, white and deep colors are in fashion. Along with anything that is part of the romantic period and old fashioned,” Brittany Amber Such, senior communication major, said.

Seventeen magazine suggested fitted t-shirts layered with vests as a recent trend to watch out for.

Fringed boots also dominated the demand for the fall’s most-wanted list, along with large framed sunglasses.

For the guys, style trends are the urban style with flannel shirts, colorful Nike sneakers and Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

The sporty guy look of fitted polos, fitted hats and the Under Armour collection continues to stay a trend.

“Dark denim Levi’s with a solid button-down shirt, a pair of black Chuck Taylors, with a nice wrist watch is my trend. You can never go wrong with that outfit. You can wear it to a party or school,” Jahlil Edwards, sophomore marketing major, said.

Melissa Mariani

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