Fashion on the flip

By Diana Ashjian
October 28, 2004

Scott Fobes

Surely, “Vogue” is not what most students follow as a guide to dress for success when the occasion includes a calculus class or a Spanish class. There has always been a time and place for everything. So, when Friday comes it’s nice to finally shut the sweat-pant drawers and resort to a closet that promises to provide some eagerly-awaited fun accompanied with a “Cosmopolitan” that will show you the ropes on how to stay sparkly. But, have you ever wondered what your fashion tastes reflect?

Reassuringly, this season has left midriff-revealing, low-rider pants-sporting, hormone-crazed-pop stars, like Britney Spears for the “fashionably doomed” sections in magazines everywhere and has finally left room for the polished, disgruntled and self-absorbed American girl.

Glittery knits articulate our hopes to understand a world of ideals at war while tweed encourages us to remain loyal, conservative and maybe even apathetic. If you combine the two with a pair of classic Levi-s, disheveled hair that screams, “love me and leave me alone” and a pair of rounded-toe heels that console an ignorant bliss, you could be a poster girl for the typical, yet, stylish young adult.

Even the earthy brown chiffons from Alexander McQueen try to seduce you onto a textile of sand and surf. Its beauty wraps you in the solidity of abstract neglect to self, but keeps you looking sophisticated, nonetheless.

Roberto Cavalli’s floral silks will secure your femininity safely from the tension and pressure of never having enough, as much as it will keep you delicately blind to the countless people, not too many miles away, who don’t own a warm coat, let alone know of any Italian designers.

Silly me! Did I forget to suggest accessories?

Louis Vuitton’s leather messenger bag can be carried with jeans distinguishably as well as emptily. The books inside can provide knowledge, but true insight is found in knowing that you have to work and not the leisure of it.

A leopard-print Dior bag will keep you purring furiously to and against your desires and your values. This container pledges you’ll want to leap toward self-depravation much sooner than you’ll be inclined to embellish your soul and embrace your graciousness.

Make sure that you purchase the perfect set of pearls to accentuate all of your refinements. The smoothly textured-round balls of superiority will agree to keep all the potential you have to deem the world outside of a magazine “not enough” locked around your neck, so don’t clasp these delicacies too tightly.

Whether you’re expressing your fashion tastes for your morning classes or sporting around comfortably in sneakers, remember there are much more important things. What we wear is not always as important as what we’re getting dressed for. In a sense, we’re here constructing the uniforms we’ll wear long after graduation. So, let’s put on our helmets and get in the game. Let’s try to find out what really matters. Let’s emphasize what’s internal before we try to articulate what’s external.

Posted to the Web by: Scott Fobes

Diana Ashjian

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