Fans heard around the world

By Catherine Dilworth
January 31, 2002

Tracy Timson

In Philly, a hush is one thing that will never fall over the crowd. Philadelphia fans are notorious for being wild, not only with football but in every Philadelphia sports team.

Every Philadelphian remembers the loss Philly encountered when the 76ers made it to the NBA championships. Everyone heard the “boos heard around the world,” as Destiny’s Child performed with Lakers jerseys on at a Sixers home championship game. It is said that Philadelphia fans would boo the Pope if he were to put down a Philly team.

However, Philadelphian’s can and will eat crow when they know they have done wrong. The front cover of the Philadelphia Daily News proved that on Jan 23, 2002. The headline read “We’re Sorry!” Philadelphia gave Donovan McNabb no welcome to the city of brotherly love on draft day 1999. They expressed their desire for Ricky Williams and were disappointed at the choice of McNabb. In Philadelphia, you must earn respect, and McNabb did so with flying colors. Who else can get politicians, radio hosts, reporters and rabid football fans to admit they’re wrong?

Some call this insanity; Philadelphia calls it loyalty. After all no Philadelphia sports team has won a championship in 19 years. The Philadelphia Phillies came close in 1993 World Series where they lost to the Toronto Blue Jays. The 76ers made it to the NBA championships in 2001, but were beaten by the Los Angeles Lakers. Many still hold onto the first game of that championship, where Philadelphia took the blue ribbon right from the start in the Lakers house. Philadelphia never gave up hope through all they have been through.

Every football team has that 400 lbs. guy who takes his shirt off in the middle of winter to watch the game from the stands. That is easy to do. Philadelphia fans will cake on the mean east coast green make-up, more commonly known as war paint, anywhere they can expose skin without being arrested for indecent exposure.

A tailgate party is a must in any season. Philadelphia fans will tailgate in the hottest of hot days and the coldest of cold days. Philadelphia is proud to show its pride at any cost. Who else do you know that would tar and feather themselves in the name of Eagles football? Radio stations and TV stations promote contests for the most outrageous fan and there is no shortage of contestants.

Philadelphia exudes confidence in their pride as Philadelphian fans. They are so confident that Philadelphia Daily News reporter Al Hunter and photographer Alex Alvarez set out on Jan 23rd for the big easy. “We’re so convinced that the Eagles are destined for the Super Bowl, we’re hitting the road to New Orleans.”

The fans this season were disappointed with the loss to the Rams on Sunday, Jan. 27, but were proud of the Eagles season. The green paint, wigs, tailgate parties and feathers will be put away until next season, but the Philadelphia pride will keep on going strong.

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Catherine Dilworth

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