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October 4, 2007

christina michaluk
staff writer

Grey’s Anatomy is back for another thrilling season. The whole group is back minus Isaiah Washington and Kate Walsh. The season premiere was a good start of the drama to come. McDreamy’s “girl from the bar” has turned out to be Meredith’s half sister. That is sure to stir up plenty of problems.

Callie has the new chief position. Our favorite “Nazi,” Bailey is still upset that she wasn’t given the job. Callie struggles to figure out what she needs to do as the new chief as well as try to figure out how to gain everyone’s respect.

The only disappointing part of the episode was the plot with Izzy and the deer. I think the drama with her saving the deer was a bit much and a bit off the wall. I didn’t like how it was placed in the episode.

I look forward to seeing how Izzy and George’s friendship will play out. Will George and Izzy finally get together? The previews are a big tease, but perhaps we will find out next week. This season is going to be very interesting.

alicia cook
staff writer

ABC’s season premiere of “Private Practice” aired Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. The Grey’s Anatomy spin-off show staring Kate Walsh, also known as Dr. Addison Montgomery, starts off with her resigning from Seattle Grace’s drama-filled hospital, and heading south to Los Angeles.

Joining the Private Practice and Wellness Center of her friend Naomi, played by Audra McDonald and Naomi’s husband Jackson, played by Taye Diggs, Addison is a little shocked on how “private” the practice really is.

After a fast moving hospital in Seattle, Addison comes to her new job to find she will get personal with only one patient a day, if that.

While flirting with co-worker Pete Wilder, played by Tim Daly, she runs across her first patient, a 15- year-old girl in labor. With the girl’s father furious, complications occur during the procedure and Addison has to use her talents to the best she can to save both the girl and the baby’s life.

She proves to her unaccepting co-workers that her world-class skills will be put to good use and she will be staying in Los Angeles no matter what. Addison comes to realize she loves this new lifestyle.

Psychologist Violet Turner, played by Amy Brennerman, runs into a problem with her patient having a breakdown while Naomi and Jackson try to revive a dead husband and try to keep control of the wife and mistress.

I strongly disliked the season premiere of “Private Practice.” Being a huge “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, I know that Kate Walsh is an extremely intense character. In my opinion, her character does not fit well with the small practice atmosphere that is in “Private Practice” and she had better chemistry with the characters in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Also, I feel as though this show will get boring because there will not be many new characters coming in and out of the show, due to the practice being so small and the setting not being a fast paced hospital. Although I did not like the season premiere, I will watch the next episode to see if I was being too critical in “Greys’ ” defense.

Personally, I am very interested to see what the audience makes out of this show and the publics opinion after a few episodes.

britany wright
staff writer

What could a Spice girl, a Bond girl and a professional boxer have in common? The desire to learn how to ballroom dance! The fifth season of “Dancing with the Stars” is the “dawn of a new era.” The season premiered Monday, Sept. 24, on ABC Network.

The dazzling stars lit up the dance floor with their performances Monday night. The new female stars of the show are Melanie Brown “Mel B,” a former Spice Girl, Jane Seymour, a former Bond girl, Jennie Garth, Kelly Taylor of “90210,” Josie Moran, a supermodel, Sabrina Bryan, a Cheetah Girl from Disney’s original movie, “Cheetah Girls” and Marie Osmond, professional performer. The women were first to perform.

The second night was the night for the men to perform. The male celebrities are Floyd Mayweather Jr., professional boxer, Wayne Newton, Vegas performer, Cameron Mathison, of “All My Children,” Helio Castroneves, race car driver, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Albert Reed, performer.

The show’s objective is to take celebrities who have never performed ballroom dancing before and have a strong desire to learn how to ballroom dance. The celebrities meet with professional dance partners who teach them the steps and put together choreography for the show. During the show the couples perform live in front of a set of judges and an audience. The judges all have previous experience dancing or judging dance contests.

This year’s host, Tom Bergeron has a new co-host this year, Drew Lachey, a celebrity dancer from season two. Lachey is filling in for former co-hostess Samantha Harris, who is on maternity leave. She plans to come back before the end of the season.

The stars from the first two shows that were outstanding were Jennie Garth, Sabrina Bryan and Floyd Mayweather. These celebrities brought a new element to ballroom dancing.

Unfortunately, Josie Moran and her partner did not perform well. They received the lowest score the first night and it was not a surprise that they were the first to be kicked off of the show this week.

jonathan barnett
staff writer

The gritty new drama depicts life two years after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city of New Orleans. Two unlikely partners, Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson), a veteran NOPD Felony Action Squad officer, and Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser), a soldier who served in Afghanistan, team up together to help restore peace to the city they loved and continue to love.

There is a lack of police and facilities to house them, but those who remain have a passion that will take more than the average criminal to break. Already, a lack of trust surfaces among the partners as they seem to have more to them than meets the eye.

Already through the first episode the partners have found themselves in the middle of chaotic high-speed chases and multiple shoot-outs. If K-Ville keeps it up it will prove to be one hell of a ride.

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