Fall semester proves successful for SGA

By Leanne Pantone
January 31, 2002

The fall semester proved highly successful for the Student Government Association, as they set some high goals for themselves and worked diligently to see that those goals were accomplished. In addition, they have set goals for the spring semester, and hope that it will be just as, if not more, successful than last semester.
The biggest accomplishment of the SGA is the light walk that was held in the fall semester of 2001. Among others, this accomplishment has helped make the campus safer for Cabrini students.

“We met with Steven Lightcap, vice president for finance and administration, and Shayla Hasic-Stamps, assistant director of residence life,” Carolyn Ashton, president of SGA, said. “At dusk, we walked around campus to find dangerous areas that need more lighting.” This team concluded that some “paths behind the houses with no lighting and lots of debris” were a major concern. “It is easy to trip and fall, especially at night when it is hard to see.”

As a result, “there is new lighting behind the houses and a call box to be put up in front of the Dixon Center,” Ashton said.

The light walk was one of the ways that the SGA met the goals that were established at the start of the semester. These goals were “basically to maintain a communication between the administration and the student body,” Ashton continued, “and try to do the best to satisfy the needs of the student body, within reason, while working with the administration.”

As well as sustaining open communication with the administration, the SGA wants the student body to know that the same goal can be applied to them. “We want people to know we are here and we do care,” Lindsay Thomas, vice president of SGA, said. “Our door is always open whether it is good, bad or anything in general. We love to help and get questions answered.”

“Our main thing,” Thomas said, “is to make the second semester as positive as the first.”

Some of the ways that the SGA hopes to achieve that goal is basically with student support and feedback. “We have a suggestion box on the side of the SGA office in the Widener Center,” Ashton said. “You can put your suggestions or concerns in there.”

However, there are other ways to voice opinions. “You can address the student body as a whole. We are more than open to suggestions,” Ashton said.

SGA meetings are held on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. at the office in the Widener Center.

Along with communication, another goal of the SGA is support. They want the classes to support each other, and there are already a few opportunities to do so this semester.

“On March 23, the sophomore class is sponsoring a spring formal,” Thomas said. “The freshman class is real involved in fund raisers, and the junior class is selling t-shirts at the basketball games. We would love everyone to come out and support their class.”

The essential element to the SGA meeting their goals for the semester and the year rely heavily on communication with both the administration and the student body. Without either, it is nearly impossible for the SGA to continue to move forward with accomplishing their goals. And, their biggest concern, as Ashton and Thomas stated, is keeping the students at Cabrini College happy and safe.

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Leanne Pantone

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