Fall into Season

By Kelly Murphy
September 30, 2005

For some people their favorite season is the one they are in but for others they choose their favorite based upon a certain holiday or memory that took place within one of the four. There are only four choices. Winter, spring summer and fall but just at the colors and temperatures change so do our individual moods with the presence of each new season.

Not everyone is going to pick the same as his or her favorite. “I wish it was summer all the time,” said sophomore psychology major Davena Stevenson. “I’m from Delaware and I live so close to the beach so I go all the time.” The majority of students who attend Cabrini are from the east coast, allowing them to be minutes from the beach or the shore.

Senior business major Mark Martino claimed that summer was also his favorite because “I look good all the time,” whatever that means. Even if many people enjoy the same seasons their reasons for liking it are noticeably different. Spring is not a crowd favorite among the students on campus and the majority of students like winter for the obvious reason of Christmas and anticipated snow days.

No matter what your favorite season may be there is something special about every one of them. Each season enables you to do different things, such as go to the beach, carve pumpkins, build a snowman, and celebrate the many holidays while making memories that will stay with us. Many different cultures and religions even set aside special rituals and festivals for the start of a new season. Indigenous cultures and Native Americans conduct rituals that they believe will influence the fall season to produce more harvest due to their interconnectedness with nature. Christians celebrate the resurrection, a sign of a new beginning, during the Lenten season. The Lenten season occurs in the spring, which is also, a time and symbol of new beginnings as flowers start to bloom again and trees bare their new leaves.

We are now enjoying the season of fall. The official start of fall was September 22. The season of fall is a favorite for many because of the picturesque scenes that occur due to the change in leaves. Unlike the bright colors of flowers, which are meant to attract bees, the bright vibrant colors of fall foliage are a byproduct of chemical changes as the trees prepare dormant. The change in leaf color serves no biological function or significance but provides the human eye with a spectrum of colors unique to the fall season as reason it is a favorite to many.

So as you walk around campus whether it is to class or on your way back from the gym notice the change in the leaves, the coolness in the air and the scenic views that our campus provides especially at this time of year.

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Kelly Murphy

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