Falling out of love with Valentine’s Day

By Chris Jones
February 12, 2004

With Valentine’s Day on its way, one would think people would have already made permanent plans. This year, many couples are very indecisive about their plans. The traditional candy and flower routine seems like the thing of the 20th Century. Are people falling out of love with Feb. 14?

“I don’t see it as a real holiday,” nursing major Athena King said. “It’s just a gimmick that industries capitalize on to make money.”

Just because you are single, doesn’t mean you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. “I have a date,” Nicole Chiarelle said. “After he gets off of work at 8 p.m., we are going back to my house to watch Only You on DVD.” Chiarelle can also teach you how to make chocolate covered strawberries, if you want to set a more intimate mood with your date.

For some Cabrini residents, traveling will be in their fate for Saturday. Elementary education major Lindsey Kleiner will be going to Penn State to celebrate with her boyfriend. “He’s not very romantic, so I don’t know what he’s going to do,” Kleiner said. “I left it up to him, so he decided to cook dinner (which he can’t do), and it’s a little scary.” Her roommate, Krista Bolinsky, who is a secondary education major, will have her boyfriend travel to Cabrini and then they will head out to Manayunk, in which they will go to Sonoma, an Italian restaurant.

Yet, there are some couples who like to keep it traditional. Noelle Kirkner, who is a liberal arts major and psychology major Amanda Farrington are both hanging out with their boyfriends, but they are clueless about what their dates are planning for them. “It’s a surprise,” Kirkner said. “I’m letting him plan it,” Farrington said. “I hope to be getting lots of presents.”

Then there are those college students who aren’t sure of their plans at all due to spring break. Marketing major Roy Mundy, who is heading to the Dominican Republic, isn’t sure of his plans. The same goes for business administration major Frank Fonnotto and his Valentine; they have no clue because of their expenses for spring break.

A twist to Valentine’s Day is history major Will Harmon. When asked about his plans with his girlfriend, his response was “Absolutely nothing, it’s a false holiday, and just to spite Valentine’s Day, we’re going out on Friday the 13th, the day before.”

Is Valentine’s Day the same as it used to be? Are people still getting excited about this holiday? Well for Resident Assistants on duty on Saturday, just know, not everyone is going out for Valentine’s Day.

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Chris Jones

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