Falling into Fall Fest

By Kendall Neil
September 11, 2003

Ryan Norris

Anyone who was on campus on Saturday, Sept.6, heard the music of bands 33 West and Marlon Spike coming from the commons. Don’t worry. We didn’t just have random bands coming and playing on the campus. It was the noise of this year’s Fall Fest. CAP board member sophomore Becca Simeone chaired the event in part with assistant director of student activities, Amy Hecht.

The day started for the students at 2 p.m. but the planning for the event started the first week of school for CAP board members. Students were able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside with a variety of activities to unleash some of that back to school stress.

Just ask senior Jeff Sy and junior Craig Vagell who took it out on each other in a gladiator jousting event. However, it seemed as though one of the most popular attractions at the event was the pudding wrestling. Competitors climbed into an inflatable “ring” and chocolate pudding was poured in. CAP board president, junior Mike Sofia, took over as MC for the event, trying to get the crowd into the event and bribed surrounding students into being the next victim of the chocolate pudding.

For those students who have never had the chance to milk a cow, the door of opportunity was wide open. Technically, it wasn’t a real cow, it was cardboard, but you could still milk it! CAP Board volunteer, junior Rich DeMatteo might have found his calling in milking cows. “Milking it really made my day. It’s just a shame it wasn’t real milk,” DeMatteo said.

Sponsors included Cabrini College’s radio station, WYBF The Burn and Rita’s Water Ice. Simeone believes that this fall fest was better then it has been in previous years, but still feels the challenge of trying to get students to come out to more events on the weekend. “It was hard because a lot of people go home for a weekend. We are still trying to get out of the suitcase college idea here at Cabrini,” Simeone said.

All in all, the event was another CAP board success and from the looks of the pudding covered wrestlers, even though their clothes went from their original shades to that of a deep brown, smiles were shared all around the commons.

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Kendall Neil

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