Fake ‘n’ Bake is key

By Lauren Gatto
April 10, 2003

Alaina Robinson

Tanning is a beautiful thing. Whether you are soaking up the sun on the beach or fake baking at the tanning salon, the results are endless. Like many, I like to go to the tanning salon to get a base color so that I won’t burn once I go to the beach to sunbathe. Twenty minutes in a tanning bed guarantees you the beginning of your golden brown tan.

My obsession with tanning has surfaced this year. Once the warm weather started to break through I started my tanning sessions. You have to get ready for the summer somehow.

A lot of girls and yes, men as well go tanning to get that sexy exotic look about them. I believe that it makes you feel better about yourself. The pasty color of winter starts to disappear and the beautiful bronze of summer emerges.

Once you start tanning at the tanning salon it becomes addictive. The results from the first session just make you want to go back again and again. The smell of the coconut tanning lotion reminds you of the islands and keeps you excited for the upcoming summer months.

Of course, there are those who are opposed to it because it can give you skin cancer and you are ultimately putting yourself at risk by purposely tanning, but it’s called sun block. You can’t go to the beach without getting a suntan. What’s the point then?

You have to admit you go to the beach to check out the hotties and you have to look good in case someone checks you out. So what do you do? Get your body in shape and go tanning because it is just the icing on the cake.

Tanning is not healthy for the body, but if it makes you look good and feel good about yourself then I say go for it, I do.

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Lauren Gatto

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