Fake ID’s: Saving excitement

By Matt Campbell
March 31, 2005

Shawn Rice

The great age of 21 is something those underage long for and elders dream about. The legal drinking age seems to get further away as the anticipated date arrives.

The anticipation however has dwindled over the years. The technological advances in computers and digital photography allow throngs of minors to cross the boundary into the bar scene.

Since the age of 17 I have gotten my hands on about four different fake identifications all to pretend I was 21. Growing up in Maryland, the bar scenes in Annapolis and Baltimore were too popular to sit back and wait eight years.

From shady photo and copy shops, to the look-a-like ID that has been passed down so many times your pretending to be a 45-year-old flower child, it has never been a problem finding fake ID.

Fake ID’s have taken away from the momentous day that one turns 21. Granted I will be excited to be officially 21 when the day comes, but I don’t think that night at the bar will be any different than any other night when I was underage.

It has been more fun sneaking in to bars underage than I suspect it will be to legally order a beer at any of the same bars.

Oh well, that time has come and gone and I will be 21 soon enough, but to those underage regulars at our local Cooz’s Corner or Johnny Cabos maybe save some excitement for when you of legal age.

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Matt Campbell

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