Faculty speaks out on Iadarola’s retirement

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September 13, 2007

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Leonard Norman Primiano
associate professor and chair of the department of religious studies

Dr. Iadarola’s retirement will certainly mark the end of the era at Cabrini College.

Dr. Iadarola’s presidency within the overall history of the school represents a decision by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to have a lay person, and not a member of their religious order, administer the College. This decision has also been made by the sisters concerning many of their other institutions, such as hospitals, around the United States. The leadership of Christian laity over Catholic institutions is an overall goal of the Second Vatican Council, and is imperative for the Sisters who have a declining membership. We all need to sit back and evaluate what this decision has meant, and what it holds for the future of the College. I personally wish Dr. Iadarola well as she contemplates her life after Cabrini. She has been tremendously supportive of my work over the years.

Father Michael Bielecki
Resident Chaplain

My sentiments are that I am very happy for Dr. Iadarola, but sad personally and for the college. She has been an outstanding leader of the college for 15 years and has accomplished so much and I am sure that her wisdom and guidance will be greatly missed.

I personally will miss her because, since my arrival here five years ago, Dr. Iadarola has always encouraged and affirmed me in my ministry. I am extremely grateful to her for her support and concern over the renovation of the Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of St. Joseph.

We have just completed the second phase of the renovation thanks to her encouragement. The chapel is more welcoming and beautiful because of her support and interest.

I will not only miss her leadership but will miss her kindness and friendship these past five years.

Bobbi Morgan
women’s basketball coach and assistant to the director for programming

Under Dr. Iadarola’s leadership, Cabrini has been transformed into a destination college.

There’s a famous quote that says an institution is the extended shadow of one person, and that is certainly the case. She obviously had a vision about what Cabrini could be and for the last 16 years she has made that happen.

It was very moving to see her genuine emotion when she announced it was time for her to move on. She clearly loves her job and the people who make up this college and that’s something that doesn’t have to end.

This is a year of celebration at Cabrini as we mark our 50th anniversary. I think that it is only fitting that we also celebrate her many contributions to making Cabrini what it is today.

Sheryl L. Fuller-Espie
associate professor of biology

The design and construction of the Science, Education and Technology Building was prioritized for Cabrini College because of Dr. Iadarola’s leadership and unwavering commitment to oversee the construction of a state-of-the-art science facility during her tenure as our college president.

Many of my most treasured memories at Cabrini are linked to the excitement Dr. Iadarola shared with the science faculty during the design, development and construction of the campus’ newest gemstone.

I will always be grateful for her determination to make SET a reality and a “wow” factor for Cabrini College.

Sr. Mary Louise Sullivan
adjunct for the history and political science department

As a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart I have witnessed Dr. Iadarola’s continued commitment to that “Education of the Heart” which was Mother Cabrini’s pedagogical philosophy.

Thank you Toni for your years of dedication and your personal devotion to St. Frances Xavier Cabrini for whom our college is named.

Thank you also for inviting me to return to Cabrini in 1997. These past 10 years I have marveled at the growth and development of Cabrini College under your leadership. May God bless your future endeavors.

Amy Deblasis
English professor

President Iadarola is the model of a mission-driven president.

Like any good leader, she has had to make some difficult decisions to bring Cabrini to where it is today. I have immense respect that through all of the growth, she has never lost sight of our mission to educate the heart of our students so that we have hope for a more fair and compassionate world.

I will always appreciate the professional growth her leadership provided me, and her legacy will continue through my teaching.

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