Faculty displays artwork in fine arts exhibit

By Robert Kallwass
January 31, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

Cabrini Faculty display their creativity at the Faculty Fine Arts Exhibit. The exhibit is located at the Grace and Joseph Gorevin Fine Arts Gallery which is on the second floor of Cabrini’s Holy Spirit Library.

Cabrini faculty members put up art work of different styles in the gallery for display and for sale. Artists included were Deborah Riccardi, Dane Borda, Cassandre Maxwell, Nick Jacques and Al Gury. There is a wide variety of works ranging from photos to paintings of large canvas.’

Deborah Riccardi features some black and white photographs, one dates back to 2001. The subject matters are children from New Guinea and Haiti. She produced one larger oil paint on linen painting of a Haitian mother holding a child. It stands out with very lush colors.

Dane Borda created two great charcoal works, one very interesting depiction of the twisting mechanics of surgery on a human being. The other piece on the opposite wall is a dark work in progress with a very detailed look at shadows and angles.

Cassandre Maxwell shares two pastel pieces and a pair of color copy illustrations. The copy illustrations have vivid and strong colors, in what looks almost like cut out shapes on the paper. Her artwork is very playful looking, with striking sharpness.

Al Gury’s smaller but unique pieces stand out in the gallery in bold, golden frames. Both works similar in subject matter, show trees in different seasons. These resemble impressionistic painting due to the simple subject matter and style of brushstrokes. One can see the difference of mood between the two seasons displayed next to each other.

Nick Jacques produced a large piece on linen cloth. The piece was outstanding and lifelike with extreme attention to detail, and shading, depicting two youths. It was named “The Holding Cell.” Jacques worked on organizing the exhibit. The exhibit is featured every year at around this time, in the beginning of the second semester. This was the second year Nick Jacques from the Fine Arts department contributed to the exhibit.

According to Jacques, they try to feature current works of the faculty when possible, but is not generally theme oriented. “It is successful, the way the room is set up it flows well. The Subject matter, variety and sizes fit the walls of the gallery.” Jacques said.

This exhibit is up from Jan. 24 to Feb. 21 in the gallery. On request, prices for any of the paintings can be attained from Nick Jacques at njacques@cabrini.edu

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Robert Kallwass

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