Facilities works hard to make campus feel like home

By Ryan Norris
October 3, 2002

Angelina Wagner

Besides Housekeeping in some areas, I think the facilities department here at Carbine has been doing a great job.

Our facilities department here at Cabrini is divided into three groups: Maintenance, Landscaping, and Housekeeping. The maintenance department is the group of people who fix keys and locks, paint the walls, repair holes, secure ceilings, and much more. This year they have been doing an amazing job in my mind. I remember last year when a work order was put in, you were lucky if maintenance even got it a week later. This year they have been getting so many things done the day after that work order gets to them. My main example is Xavier. One of the glass walls before one of the quads was broken, and the next day they had it replaced. From dead lights in the ceiling to filling holes in the wall, they have just been on top of things. Of course there are some things they may not have gotten to on time, but do you know how many work orders they can get sometimes. They have been putting the students first and trying to make it as comfortable and safe as possible. Two examples of concerns that students had in Xavier were the water having a foul odor to it and the ceiling leaking when it rains. Maintenance wanted to get right to the bottom of these things and fix them right away. I was told by one of the workers that they believe the water has that foul odor to it only when its hot because the water tank is getting old and the inside of the tank is corroding. So they got right on that and have ordered a new tank to hopefully fix that problem. As for the ceiling, they found the spots that were leaking and plan to patch them as soon as possible.

In another part of the facilities is landscaping. They have been keeping this campus beautiful with such a small amount of workers. Their main concern is not getting their paycheck, but that this campus looks as beautiful as it is. The grounds manager of Landscaping here at Cabrini, Gus Feudale, has put so much time in, even when he is not clocked in, to make sure this campus doesn’t loose its beauty. Unlike housekeeping, they don’t just mop the floor to get the job done; they mop that floor to make it clean.

I love housekeeping and the time they put in to keep the buildings on our campus clean, but some students have felt that where their living just isn’t clean enough. Some bathrooms have had things smeared on walls, and not cleaned up. The floors get mopped with dirty mops and then are sticky after they dry. Some of the houses have complained about their places not even being cleaned at all. I need to thank housekeeping greatly for the work they do on keeping the trash picked up, and vacuuming and such, but as for mopping and bathrooms, the students have had to think twice about using them because of how dirty they can be. Cabrini is technically a college, but can also be categorized as a home to some, and students should feel very comfortable at home.

Ryan Norris

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