Facebook vs. Myspace

By Domenique Pinho
September 30, 2005

Allison Sachs

It is almost a guarantee that while reading this article, many students on this campus are connected to two of the most popular websites among the college community, MySpace.com and Facebook.com. Both websites are similar, but on the other hand, both were created to attract different age groups of people which makes it simple for students to distinguish which website they prefer to use when contacting or meeting friends.

MySpace.com, also known as MySpace, was founded by Tom Anderson, 29, and Chris DeWolfe, 39. This website is essentially an online hangout for anyone who can access the website. When signing up for this website, it allows you to upload 10 photographs of yourself. Here’s the trick: they can be ANY photograph of yourself, and MySpace basically has no limits as to how many clothes you have on or how many pieces of clothing you don’t have on.

While Facebook.com, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, is a website designed for college students to connect and meet fellow classmates and communicate with old friends whose college is registered to Facebook. On this website you can only upload one photograph at a time and you must agree before the upload process that the picture to be uploaded is not pornographic.

Both websites are growing each day with the addition of new members. MySpace is more flashy and fun; but Facebook is more personal and professional. Some students on campus have both MySpace and Facebook and have an opinion on both websites. Then there are other students who choose not to register for either Facebook or MySpace, such as Jessica Bailey, a junior elementary education major, who says that they both seem pointless.

Bailey has a different outlook on these programs than most students. Jamie Ingman, a sophomore psychology major, says “I’ll take Facebook over MySpace any day because I actually know the people on there whereas MySpace connects you to people across the country.” Many students feel the same way but prefer MySpace more. Another sophomore, Jill Jackamonis, does not have the program MySpace but she says, “I really like MySpace, because the profiles are more appealing.”

Both programs were established for the similar reasons. Most of all the wesites were developed to connect old friends and to meet new ones. No matter which website is your preference, they both are interesting, fun and absolutely addicting.

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Domenique Pinho

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