Ex-weapons inspector calls for intelligence investigation

By Kelly Finlan
February 5, 2004

Former chief weapons inspector David A. Kay advocated an independent inquiry into prewar intelligence in Iraq on Wednesday, Jan. 28. President Bush, moved to quash the investigation before the election. Kay said he does not think the white house “pressured intelligence analysts to exaggerate the threat,” according to the New York Times.

Two suicide bombers targeted Kurdish headquarters
Fifty-six people were killed and an additional 200 were wounded in Erbil, Iraq on Sunday, Feb. 1, when two suicide bombers, wearing explosives detonated in the headquarters of two leading Kurdish political parties during Muslim holiday celebrations. The two parties are currently trying to unite “divided administrations,” according to the New York Times.

Kerry wins New Hampshire primary
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry came out on top in the New Hampshire primary, the second upset in as many primaries. In response to the defeats, fellow democratic nominee Howard Dean, the runner-up in New Hampshire and third after the Iowa caucus, named former Vice President Al Gore campaign manager, according to the New York Times.

Bush requests $400 billion
President Bush requested $400 billion dollars for defense spending for the 2005 fiscal year that begins in October on Monday, Feb. 2. This is up seven percent from last year and incorporates the “controversial” missile defense system,” according to the British Broadcasting Company. The White House expects to cut the $2.4 trillion of the national deficit by $237 billion by 2009 by cutting domestic spending and eliminating more than 65 federal programs, according to the Washington Post.

British flight to U. S. cancelled
A British Air flight to Miami, Fla. was the sixth international flight to be cancelled to the United States. The cancellations are due to “security reasons,” and the assumption that terrorists will target the United States via international flight, according to the Miami Herald.

Mars Rover back online
The Mars Rover, the second of two unmanned explorers, is up and running again after being “offline” for 10 days. NASA representatives said the Rover was back online after deleting thousands of files off the flash memory according to the British Broadcasting Company.

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Kelly Finlan

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