Explosives vanish in Iraq, U.S. searches for answers

By Kristen Catalanotto and Paul N
October 28, 2004

On Monday, Oct. 25 U.S. officials announced that over 380 tons of explosives were missing in Iraq. The lack of security at the facility that is 30 miles outside of Baghdad seems to be the problem that led to the explosives to be stolen. Officials are not in agreement as to when the explosives actually disappeared, but it is certain that it is possible for the materials to bring down aircrafts and destroy buildings. President Bush, who found out about the information on Oct. 15, ordered an investigation looking into whether or not nuclear weapons were involved. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry used the breaking news to his advantage as he campaigned throughout the country. Secretary of State Colin Powell refused to comment when asked about the incident, according to MSNBC.

Flu vaccine readily available at Capitol Hill

As many Americans stand in lines outside grocery stores nationwide waiting to get inoculated from the flu, members and employees of congress have already been able to receive a flu shot at no charge from Capitol Hill physician, John F. Eisold. Dr. Eisold has urged all 535 members of congress to get the vaccination even if they are young and healthy because, “(members of congress) shake hands with a lot of people and then visit veterans centers and other concentrations of susceptible people,” a spokesman for Eisold said. Since this shortage of flu vaccinations has occurred, the government has stressed to the public that only those that fall within certain guidelines are to be inoculated. All others are instructed to forego the shot to keep from depleting the reserve vaccines, according to the Washington Post.

The number of soldiers wounded in Iraq breaks 8,000

The number of US troops wounded in Iraq since the war in the country began in March 2003 has topped the 8,000 mark, according to figures released by the Pentagon last Tuesday. The total number is 8,016, a number that is double what it was six months ago. On April fifth of this year, the number wounded was 2,988; by the end of April it was 3.864. Along with the increase of men wounded, the number of men killed has risen as well. As of last Tuesday, the death toll stands at 1,102. Six months ago on April 2, the number stood at 598 according to the Associated Press.

College Student dies after Boston Red Sox game

A college student died last Thursday night after being injured along with two dozen other people in the violence that erupted outside Fenway Park after the Boston Red Sox victory over the New York Yankees to advance to the World Series. Emerson College in Boston confirmed the death of 21-year-old Victoria Snelgrove, a student of that college. The school said she got caught up in the celebrations around Fenway Park that drew at least 60,000 people. Boston police said they arrested eight people and 16 others were taken to area hospitals after some fans turned violent according to Reuters.

Stewart makes an appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire”

“The Daily Show’s,” Jon Stewart recently made an appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire.” During his appearance he told the hosts of the show how the show is, “hurting America,” as well as the fact that, “You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably.” He also told them that they are, “hacks,” saying Crossfire, “basically just brings in a hack from the left, a hack from the right, lets them fight, and calls it a day.” However, “Crossfire” co-host told Jon Stewart that he shouldn’t tell them how to do their jobs as journalists in response to the interview Jon Stewart did with Sen. John Kerry a few weeks back. Jon Stewart replied, “You’re on CNN. The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls,” according to CNN.

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Kristen Catalanotto and Paul N

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