Experience is better

By Meghan Smith
March 27, 2008

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT

As college students, this election is one of the most important ones we will ever vote in; for it is who we elect in November that will be leading our nation when we step out into the real world. It is our duty as American citizens to pay attention to what these candidates have to say and formulate an educated opinion so that we can vote for someone with whom we can place our complete trust.

Senator John McCain is the candidate in whom I am placing my trust. McCain’s impeccable leadership record and experience exemplifies his steady lifelong commitment to service. McCain has led the fight for reform in Washington, the elimination of wasteful government spending and the strengthening of America’s armed forces.

One of McCain’s strongest stances relates to defense and the use of our nation’s military. For many years McCain pushed for a larger ground force to execute a new counterinsurgency campaign like the one now underway in Iraq. With the success of the surge, McCain has proved his knowledge in the world of war. As a former POW of Vietnam, McCain understands the horrors of war. As president, he will not be one to rush into war or military action – for he knows too much pain – but one to do to it for the right reasons. His age and experience prove positively that he has been through a lot and in return understands much more and at this level, experience is priceless.

Our generation seems to be less concerned with party labels and more focused on the movement. McCain is a candidate who reaches across the aisle to Democrats. He brings people together to get things done. If there is one thing I have learned from this election is to pay close attention to what each candidate is saying, not just who you think you are voting for so that you are able to see the issues from all sides.

Whether or not you love the candidate you are voting for shouldn’t matter. You marry someone for love; you vote for someone for what they can do.

Meghan Smith

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