Excessive trash on campus causes many to question why?

By Eugene Iacovelli
December 6, 2001

Justine DiFilippo

Lately, there is a litter problem around campus. Trash can be found thrown on the lawns or it can be found just a few feet away from the trashcans. Even though there is a cleaning service that comes to the campus, why does the campus often look the way it does?

Bottles or candy wrappers can be seen blowing around on the lawns or the roads. At a closer look around the campus, bags of trash are found in the parking lots. Students appear upset at the litter that can be found entering buildings.

“The campus is always messy, especially around the buildings,” sophomore John Brogan said. The pavements in front of every building are covered with cigarette butts, chewing gum and a vast array of trash. The rules for smoking on campus are that you must be at least 30 feet away from the entrances to doorways. “There is always cigarette butts near doorways around campus,” senior Chris Swift said.

One student blames the trash problem directly of the cleaning service. While on his way to see a friend’s late night radio show, Senior Mike Betzel stumbled upon what may be part of the problem. “I found two guys sleeping in the lower level in Founders Hall at around 1 a.m.,” Betzel said.

This does not accurately represent the entire cleaning staff although some on campus might have negative comments about the cleaning service, they are not the only ones involved. Trash accumulates on the weekends. The dumpsters fill up faster. This is most likely due to the lack of the cleaning service on the weekends and any events that occur on campus will cause there to be a little mess here and there. After the weekends, the buildings and common areas around campus take a beating.

“If everyone took care of their own space though, everything would look a lot nicer,” Chris Swift said, “But we all have to do our share.”

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Eugene Iacovelli

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