Evil betrayal crushes friendship

By Morgan Miller
November 13, 2008

Hooking up was the major spread featured in issue six of the Loquitur. The articles gave different view points on what hooking up is.

Some consider it simply making out, while others consider it to be more. I personally consider it simply making out.

Now that readers, staff and I have stated our views on hooking up, let’s discuss the concept of hooking up, possibly in the context of more than making out, with your friend’s ex-boyfriend.

Hypothetically speaking, you become friends with someone and develop a relationship that seems genuine and reliable. You do not really develop a friendship during the day; however, you always party with this new friend and you’re now-mutual friends on a regular basis.

After a few more parties, your new friend gets a boyfriend. It seems like the perfect relationship and they are adorable together. The couple is madly in love and even wants to get married and start a family of their own.

Fast forward. Randomly, completely unexpected, your friend gets dumped by her boyfriend. Let’s just say that she is completely devastated and leave it at that.

Well, since you are her friend, this sad girl seeks comfort and advice from you on how to deal and why in the world this happened.

Slowly, it seems like your friend is getting over her loss and realizing that there are definitely much better guys out there.

Luckily, your friend realizes that she can still be friends with her ex. Therefore, she can still hang out at the usual party spot where you will be.

Everything seems as good as it can get. I mean there is an ex-couple present, so it will not be completely the way it was before but it is still really fun.

Well, your friend was wrong. Everything was not really as good as it could get. Your friend found out that this whole time you were hooking up with her ex-boyfriend.

As previously discussed, it is controversial as to what hooking up really is. However, it does not matter.

In this hypothetical situation, if you were making out or doing more, it is wrong.

Friends should not really do this.

Obviously hooking up, in whatever context, with the ex-boyfriend of someone that you called a friend is not acceptable. Not for anyone at all to do. It shows horrible morals and lack of character.

It is hard to give someone advice that may have been through this unthinkable situation. Basically, you can not tell someone’s character right away. However, it should be a red flag if your “friend” does not make an effort to hang out when there is not a party.

Remember: do not let this hypothetical situation deter you from people in general. There are good people out there when you weed out the bad ones.

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Morgan Miller

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