Europe pushes for non-U.S. leader in Iraq

By Kelly Finlan
September 25, 2003

The leaders of Britain, France and Germany are still undecided on the American plan for Iraq. According to the New York Times, they agreed that an Iraqi civilian should be made leader and that the United Nations should be a part of the decision-making process.

Soldiers questioned about attack on U.S. troops
Eight soldiers, who may or may not be American or British, are being held on the possibility that they may have been involved in attacks against United States troops in Iraq. This comes after troops recovered an audiotape of a man claiming to be Saddam Hussein encouraging Hussein loyalists to continue attacking American troops.

Hussein’s defense minister surrenders
Saddam Hussein’s top defense minister, Gen. Sultan Hashim Ahmad, surrendered Sunday, Sept. 21, after being told he would not face charges of war crime. United States officials hope this will prompt other war criminals to come forward.

Former military personnel runs for Democratic nomination
Former top military personnel, General John Clark, has thrown his hat into the ring to fight for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004. Clark’s resume includes a term as the supreme allies commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He retired in 2000.

Female Iraqi official gunned down
Akila al-Hashimi, an official in Iraq’s new interim government, was shot and killed Saturday, Sept. 20, by nine unknown gunmen in western Baghdad. She was one of three women in the “governing body,” according to the New York Times.

Three U.S. soldiers dead, 13 wounded in prison attack
Three American soldiers were killed Saturday, Sept. 20, and 13 more wounded in an attack in a prison “complex” 20 miles out of Baghdad, according to the New York Times. This makes 165 American soldiers killed in Iraq since May when President Bush declared the war over.

Decision to put off Calif. recall under fire
A federal committee’s decision to postpone the Calif. recall of Governor Gray Davis is under fire by both supporters and critics of Davis. Legal officials have and continue to submit briefs to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to probe into the three-judge panel’s decision. Meanwhile, Davis continues to campaign, and voters don’t know whether or not to send in absentee ballots.

Pa. and N.J. governors push to lower bridge tolls
Governors Ed Rendell, Pa., and Jim McGreevy, N.J., have recommended a drop in tolls to 75 cents to cross all Pa.-N.J., bridges. This comes after the “wide-spread” complaints from commuters and truck drivers, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Iraqi interim president wants more control for council
The interim president of Iraq, Ahmed Chalabi, appointed by the United Nations, is looking for alternatives to American occupation, according to the New York Times. He wants the current Iraqi council to have more control.

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Kelly Finlan

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