Equestrian program developed for beginner riders

By Staff Writer
October 18, 2001

Cabrini students now have the opportunity to participate in a horseback riding program due to a partnership that has been formed with the equestrian program at Valley Forge Military Academy.

Organized by Chris Winkler, recreation and facilities director, this six week program takes place once each semester at VFMA. The fall program, which has already begun, will run from October to November. The next program will commence in the Spring sometime in March and run until the week of exams.

Developed for beginners, this program allows riders to learn how to walk, trot, and canter with the horses. “The point of this program is for students to become comfortable riding the horses,” said Winkler. So far, four students, one faculty member and one staff member have signed up for the horseback riding lessons this fall.

Neal Newman of the theater department became interested in the program because of lost roles as an actor. “I love it and I love my horse”, Newman exclaimed. “It was instant love as soon as I met my horse.” Newman discussed how a lack of proper riding skills resulted in missing out on many acting jobs.

Though the horseback riding lessons are of professional need to some, others have decided to participate solely for recreation. “It’s pretty cool”, said senior Wendi Wilson. “It’s good to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing and know the animals so well.” Wilson, who took lessons as a child, decided that it had been a while and chose to sign up for the program.

Cabrini’s involvement with the equestrian program at VFMA includes paying for the care and maintenance of the horses used in the training lessons. As a new intramurals sport to Cabrini, more participation in the program is encouraged, especially from President Iadarola.

The program was initially brought forth due to the friendship between President Iadarola and the VFMA Commandant, Colonel Joseph W. Adamczyk. “She’s an advocate for recreation on campus,” said Winkler of President Iadarola. “She really encourages the programs.”

All members of the campus community are welcome to join the program. Those interested in participating next semester are encouraged to contact Chris Winkler at extension 3909.

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Staff Writer

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