End-of-semester stress

By Elyssa McFadden
April 28, 2005

With the end of the semester only a few weeks away, many students are now scrambling to finish the work that they haven’t done the whole semester. It is crunch-time on Cabrini’s campus, and with the weather continuously rising, less work gets completed.

“I’m not sure how bad of a situation skipping class is. I’d say I’m a frequent class go-er and all of my classes require a large amount of work at the end of the semester regardless. Ask Dave Spina, he knows all about that stuff,” said Jeff Foley, a junior.

“Skipping Class is like dating a transvestite. It’s going to be a nice date until the end, and then you are screwed,” said Dave Spina, a junior.

Many students work the whole semester because they know that it will be worth it in the end. “Waiting until the end of the semester doesn’t work- out too well because you get loads of work. Having fun and doing the things that you really want to do are not your priority anymore. Passing classes are now the priority. This doesn’t mean that a person can’t have fun along the way while getting work done,” senior Tara Quigley said.

Marcel Bassett has a neutral opinion on the subject. “I believe doing your work all year long does alleviate stress, however, waiting till the last minute gives you that determination to finish the project, but the work tends to be sub-par,” Bassett said.

No matter what difference of opinion students may have on this topic, it is a scenario that will always remain the same. It is easy to get backed up with schoolwork and having fun outweighs work on many occasions. Most college students are very serious about their work and getting good grades. However, due to end-of-semester stress, some tend to fall behind in classes. The good weather doesn’t help those already struggling with end-of-semester stress.

Stress at the end of the year can be eliminated by attending class through the whole semester and realizing that there is a point when the term will be over. For those who are already stuck in a rut, it may not be too late to solve the problem and there is always next semester. Falling into this predicament is an easy thing to do, so be careful.

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Elyssa McFadden

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