Employment preparation essential for job interviews

By Cristin Marcy
March 27, 2003

According to John Heiberger, business department chair, it is not enough to just explain why a person would be a critical part of the business world, a prospective employee has to think critically and support their proposal. Right now the business world is looking for a varied and diverse group of people.

In the business field today, one must have the basic skills, but more importantly he or she must be able “to express them well with technical language, written and oral,” Heiberger said. It is vital to have interpersonal skills, that way employers know what one wants.

In accordance with Heiberger, the best way to find a job in the business field would be working with Co-op and Career Services. They have electronic databases that allow companies to look at your resumes online. Therefore, companies can come looking for and match one’s skills and experience with their expectations. Another way would be going to job fairs. “Companies are always looking to hire new people at job fairs,” Heiberger said.

Cabrini offers three business clubs that would advance one’s experience and creditability. They include finance, accounting and human resources. These clubs will help prepare students for interviews and make sure they have a well-prepared resume. Heiberger also advises business majors to talk to their advisors about their resumes because they may have particular tips and information about the major that employers are looking for.

Professional chapters, such as activities like corporate dining for succes are also important to get involved with and participate in. At this function, students are taught how to act during a corporate dinner or interview.

When it comes time for the job search and interviewing process, Heiberger said, “students need to research the companies you are interested in.” It is essential that one calls them and asks questions or checks out their website. This way it is easier to get the company interested in a future employee when one personalize stheir skills to show them how they match their company.

After the interview, it is important to keep in touch and let them know you are still interested. Send the person that interviewed the prospective employee a thank you letter followed up by a call in a couple of weeks to check on their progress and see if they hired anyone for the position yet.

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Cristin Marcy

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