Electoral carnival of celebrities

By Antonio Masone
September 11, 2003

Courtesy of www. joinarnold.com

Many onlookers have compared the California recall race to an electoral carnival, with celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Flint, and Gary Coleman running in the Tuesday, Oct. 7 election.

Although Schwarzenegger is receiving a good deal of support, women’s groups have protested against the republican candidate. Americans, especially Californians, are worried what is in store for the states future. “Coming from the East Coast, we’re looking at California saying ‘What’s going on?'” Dina Haskal said to The Daily Southtown on Friday, Aug 8. “We are scratching our heads”.

Schwarzenegger has been under fire recently for an entertainment video filmed by Playboy in 1983. According to Frank Marchesini, spokesman for Playboy Entertainment Group, the “video is a cheesy version of the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos.

One week after the video surfaced, Schwarzenegger was questioned about 1977 interview for a magazine where he talked about his involvement in group sex and drug use.

Senior elementary education major Jessica Gentile said, “I don’t think his past matters, he is married and has children now. He seems very dedicated and determined to do the job and be successful at it.”

Although women’s rights activists have Schwarzenegger in the hot seat, some groups are happy with the candidate and his campaign.

Schwarzenegger impressed environmentalists recently when he chose to redesign his signature Hummer into a hydrogen-burning vehicle.

Senior history major Sean Gracey said, “I believe that he stands for the people and not about big money. He does not care about winning over big business in order to win his campaign.”

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Antonio Masone

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