Education program a favorite among many

By James Hufnagle
December 1, 2005

All students have their different reasons for choosing to come to Cabrini to study elementary education, but one thing is certain, they are happy with the education program here.

“I fell in love with the campus and I heard the education program was excellent,” Jessica Bieniek, a senior and education major, said.

Field experience in the elementary education major seems to be one of the most significant perks. Education Instructor, Colleen Lelli, said, “Other colleges will offer field experience; however, the college students are not in the field as many hours as the Cabrini student.”

Field experience begins in the sophomore year and is completed every Wednesday for ten weeks each semester. The Cabrini Student arrives and departs with their Cabrini teacher.

Amanda Wilkerson, a sophomore elementary education student, said, “As a sophomore, I’m already spending a full day in the field of education once a week. We’re given the opportunity to observe different grades and different kinds of schools such as urban, suburban and rural.” Wilkerson also said, “We have a great Mac lab and education resource center where we can find tons of information and ideas for teaching.”

Along with field experience is the relationships built between the students and their education instructors. Ashlee Everitt, a senior elementary education major, said, “I greatly enjoy the professors in the education department. I feel they take an active role in teaching and are always willing to help in anyway they can, whether this be spending extra time after class or sharing ‘horror’ stories of their own teaching experience.”

Bieniek said, “The advisors that I have had over the past three-and-a-half years have really helped me to make the best decisions possible with what I want to do. The most important thing is that they were able to keep me on track with my schedule, which means I will be graduating on time, in May of 2006.”

Jessica Vera, a senior education major, said, “They are here to help you with any question or conflict you may have. They show care and concern for you and that makes being an education major feel a lot better in knowing that you can count on the people who are preparing you for the real world.”

Many students seemed to be confident in finding a job after graduating from Cabrini. “A lot of the older teachers teaching in elementary school will soon be retiring. That will open the doors for a lot of us,” Bienek said.

Wilkerson said, “I know someone that graduated from Cabrini with an education major that got a full time job in a public school right away.”

Ultimately, the elementary education students at Cabrini seem more than satisfied with the education program here. “I feel that when I leave Cabrini I will have all the knowledge I need as a teacher, and that I will be ready and prepared for a full time teaching job,” Wilkerson said. “I think if an education major from Cabrini has taken all the classes, learned as much as they possible can and really wants to be a teacher, they’ll find a job without a problem.”

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James Hufnagle

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