Edtorial: Pro-life or Pro-Choice: You Decide

By Kaitlin Barr
September 27, 2007

In America, 50 percent of all pregnancies are unexpected, and half of these are terminated by abortion. When finding out one is pregnant, about 1000 thoughts go through a woman’s head. “Can I afford having a child, can I still work if I have a child, am I having problems with my significant other, and most importantly, am I mature enough to take care of another human being?”

Fifty-two percent of all United States women undergoing abortions are younger than 25 years old. That’s mostly college-aged women and younger. Scary thought that possibly one night of fun could result in a life forming in a woman’s body.

That one statement ‘life forming in a woman’s body,’ is a major debate among people worldwide. Does life begin at the moment of conception, or does it become a life after it is no longer called a “fetus”?

Those who are pro-life believe that life begins at the moment of conception. That no matter how far along in the pregnancy, a woman has a living organism within her body growing and getting nutrients from her.

Pro-choice on the other hand believe that we are always trying to gain more independence, especially in making decisions. It is in that belief, that those who are pro-choice feel it is a woman’s ultimate decision whether or not they are going to keep their baby.

Yet another argument stems from what happens in the case of rape or incest? Statistically, 300,000 women are raped every year and 25,000 of them become pregnant from their attackers. Out of the 12 percent of women who do become pregnant from rape, half of those end in abortion. Pro-choicers believe the woman has every right to abort the child. Pro-lifers believe that if you carry the baby full-term, that there are other options for when the baby is born, such as adoption.

The Catholic Church believes that the moment of conception is when life officially begins. A fetus’s heart starts beating at five weeks, yet people are still having or are starting to have abortions at that point.

Our editorial staff is split straight down the middle when it comes to the decision of whether a woman should have the right to choose. For those who are pro-life, they feel that if you are not ready to accept the consequences of having sex, then you need to stop. Abortion is an easy way out for a woman’s irresponsibility and heartlessness towards the situation; it’s not the baby’s fault for their parents’ careless mistakes.

The other half of the editors feel that no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with their bodies. They believe that if a condom breaks or birth control doesn’t work properly, the woman should have a choice because she was practicing safe sex. A woman should not be forced into motherhood if they’re not ready.

In the upcoming 2008 Presidential Elections, all of the candidates will be questioned on their views towards abortion rights. Although candidates will technically be labeled as “pro-choice” or “pro-life”, most candidates straddle the line when it comes to being completely one hundred percent pro-life or one hundred percent pro-choice.

Make sure not to base your decision on who to vote for on if under their name it says pro-choice or pro-life because most candidates aren’t for abortion but believe in the right for a woman to choose what happens to her body.

Although abortion is not the biggest issue that will be discussed in the candidates’ campaigns, it will absolutely be questioned and considered a critical factor in some voters’ decisions as to who to vote for.

Ultimately, regardless of which side you connect with, abortion steals away the life of an innocent human being who is not given the opportunity to live and experience the beauty of life that we ourselves do everyday.

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Kaitlin Barr

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